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Current Event Cat Timbuktu

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Resident Butterball, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, is Back.

rob ford

And this time he hasn’t learned anything! After Torontonians summarily forgot about Mayor Rob Ford, assuming/praying he had disappeared from public life as quickly as his much publicized diet, the court has now ruled that his job is safe.

Mayor Ford has said it’s been a “very humbling experience”. Translation: a very “aggravating experience”.

For those unfamiliar with the latest Ford faux-pas, Rob Ford used the city of Toronto logo and his status as city councilman to solicit funds for the football foundation. The city’s integrity commissioner found his actions broke a conduct code, and that the mayor should pay back the money to the donors. The city council adopted the commissioner’s findings, but Mayor Ford never made the repayments.

After Ford ignored the payments for a while (2 years..), a motion was put forth to rescind the council’s decision, meaning Ford was off the hook for the payments. Ford voted in this motion, which was thought to be in violation of conflict-of-interest rules. Cue everyone and a Superior Court judge demanding he be removed from office.

But the Divisional Court disagreed, stating that Ford couldn’t have had a financial interest in the council vote because council never had the power to compel him to pay back the donations to his private football organization. If they had upheld the removal order, Ford would be out of a job and councillors would have been forced to hold an expensive by-election or appoint a new mayor.

But alas, Rob Ford is still here, at least until the next Fordtastrophe. So far the string of embarrassing incidents have included reading while driving on the expressway, swearing at a 911 operator, skipping council meetings to coach high-school football, and prioritizing projects that help his family business.

While some (mainly Ford) are describing Rob Ford’s court win as a victory for democracy, his reputation as a bully who refuses to believe city rules apply to him has grown. I guess in a democracy, you get what you vote for?

Via: CBC News

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And in Other News…

What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

iran-monkey other news

Iran sends monkey into space. Launching a live animal into space is soooo 1950s. But it is a step up from the mouse, turtle and worms they sent into space in 2010. Globe and Mail 

Turns out Timbuktu is a real place. And the French have entered it. BBC News

Brazilian nightclub fire: no good news here. BBC News 

Major flooding in downtown Montreal. They’re totally copying Toronto’s Union station fiasco. CBC News

Senate passes $50 billion Sandy relief bill. Better late than never, I guess? CNN

Boy Scouts consider lifting ban on gay scouts and leaders. I was under the impression that the scouts were already super gay. Hmm. NPR

A mini-al-Assad? Probably not the best time for that… Washington Post

Even though 30 Rock is ending, we will always have life lessons from Liz Lemon. Buzzfeed

Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicates the throne, allowing her son to be King. Your move Queen Elizabeth. Associated Press

Yemen attacks al-Qaeda and vows to free foreign hostages. Let’s hope this goes more smoothly than the last time Yemen tried it. USA Today

U.S. plans base for surveillance drones in Northwest Africa. Africa definitely needs more drones. New York Times

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A G’eh Victory for Ontario: Kathleen Wynne Wins

Kathleen Wynne; Dalton McGuinty

Kathleen Wynne was chosen on Saturday as the new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and by default, the Premier. Wynne will be Ontario’s first female premier as well as the country’s first openly gay premier (wait, who were the closeted ones?).

Kathleen Wynne, a community activist turned Cabinet Minister, defeated Sandra Pupatello on a third ballot at the Ontario Liberal Party convention in Toronto. The two women were long considered the front-runners in the leadership race but Wynne ultimately secured the win on the third ballot by capturing 1,150 votes to Pupatello’s 866.

Unlike other potential candidates vying for top Liberal jobs (cough… Trudeau), Wynne has a fair amount of experience behind her. A former school board trustee, Wynne has represented Don Valley West since 2003 and has held several prominent cabinet positions including education and transportation in outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet.

Wynne’s first order of business? Recalling the legislature and getting MPPs back to work for the first time since October. While that one is kind of a no-brainer, Wynne does face a pretty daunting task: settling the teacher dispute, dealing with an $11.9 billion deficit, fixing the state of Ontario’s manufacturing industry, and fending off partisan attacks in a minority parliament.

But despite the obstacles they must overcome, the Ontario Liberals may still be in better shape than their Federal counterparts who may end up with Justin Trudeau at the helms. Voting for the idiot son of a former leader has never gone wrong, right? Oh wait… Iraq.

On a more positive note, at least we’re not ruled by a fat Asian kid with his own nuclear weapons.

Via: The Globe and Mail

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Current Event Cat of the Day

immigrant cat current event cat

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Kim Jong-Un is Kim Jong-Done with American-led UN sanctions

Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (aka America’s sexiest man alive), has vowed “substantial and high-profile” retaliation against the new United States-led United Nations sanctions on his country.

Kim Jong-un appeared to be asserting his leadership by calling a meeting of top security and foreign affairs officials to discuss retaliation measures and give “specific tasks” to various officials. Although North Korea did not specify exactly what those measures might be, references to earlier statements in which the country declared its goal to launch more long-range rockets and conduct a third nuclear test in order to target the United States. Sounds suspicious…

A quick look at the tubby Asian makes it hard to take him seriously, but I suppose Kim Jong-un does have quite a few Kim Jong-guns. In fact, that’s what led to the sanctions in the first place. North Korea’s successful December 12 rocket launch is what prompted the UN to tighten sanctions against the country last week. The UN Security Council determined that the launching was a cover for testing intercontinental ballistic missile technology and a violation of its earlier resolutions banning North Korea from conducting such tests.

Of course Kim Jong-un (I’ve run out of Kim Jong-puns, oh wait there it is…) did not the news very well, rejecting the new resolutions much like he rejected the old ones. North Korea’s main party newspaper announced that the sanctions have left the country with no other option but a nuclear test. Apparently,

“A nuclear test is what the people demand”.

Well, they would probably demand an end to the crippling poverty and isolation that plagues their country if they were allowed to voice their opinions and weren’t inundated daily with propaganda, but close enough.

Via: The New York Times

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Forget the Inauguration Speech, Michelle Obama Got Bangs!

michelle obama

On Monday, Obama used his second inaugural address to defend the “takers” and America’s social safety net, climate change and gay rights in a speech marked by a number of uplifting generalities but few specific policy visions. But forget that! Michelle Obama debuted a new hairdo!!

Beginning with her husband’s first presidential campaign in 2008, experts and journalists with 24 hour time slots to fill have weighed in on every beauty and fashion decision she has made. While appearance has had its place in every first lady’s public life, it seems the media has upped the ante with Michelle Obama. Maybe that’s just what happens when you don’t look like Barbara Bush?

Anyways… when Michelle revealed a new hairdo on Twitter days before the inauguration, the social-media world went nuts! Her signature sleek bob with a side part had been replaced with a more structured cut complete with blunt, eye-framing bangs. Fair enough, but when major news sites start proclaiming this at breaking news (I’m looking at you Fox News), you have to wonder if they’ve just got too much time to fill and not enough news to fill it.

Now forget the hair for a moment – Michelle Obama wore… wait for it…. a SECOND Jason Wu dress. As everyone remembers (how could you forget?), the first lady wore a one-shoulder Jason Wu gown to the 2009 inaugural balls.  And now she’s done it again by choosing a second, vibrant red Jason Wu gown for the second round of inaugural balls. Now, that’s breaking news, right CNN?

Via: The Daily Beast

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Current Event Cat of the Day

benghazi current event cat

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Administration Bumps Up We the People Petition Requirements

we the people

Getting an official White House response to your We the People petition just got a little bit harder. The White House now requires a petition to get 100,000 signatures within 30 days in order to receive an official response.

Under the We the People system, anyone can now petition the White House for anything and if it surpasses the signature threshold, the White House will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.

When the We the People platform went live in September 2011, only 5,000 signatures were required. A month later that number jumped to 25,000. And now Obama won reelection and decided to again increase the number of signatures a petition needs before it merits a response.

I wonder why? Perhaps because the implementation of such a tool practically begs practical jokers and online “activists” to inundate the site with pointless, irrelevant, illegal and sometimes racist requests?

Well, kind of. The move to increase the requirement comes after the online tool saw a number of high-profile petitions surpass the entry barrier, forcing the White House to issue a response. Among the petitions the White House has responded to include the requested deportation of Piers Morgan and a series of petition callings for various states to be given the right to secede from the United States.  The White House also rejected a petition signed by 34,435 people asking it to build a Death Star. The official response?

“The Administration does not support blowing up planets.”

Good to know.

Here are a few gems that didn’t quite make the threshold (so far…) :

  •  Impeach President Obama immediately if he uses executive power to try and ban any firearms including “assault rifles” (Only 22,633 signatures to go!)
  • Get Rid of Petitions.WhiteHouse.Gov (Probably the best suggestion so far)
  • Allow the import and sale of Kinder Surprise Eggs in the United States. (American’s don’t have Kinder surprise?!?)
  • Officially recognize the Sasquatch as an indigenous species and have them lawfully protected by laws banning any hunting (Makes sense)
  • Authorize the production of a recurring television program featuring Vice President Joe Biden (I need this to happen)
  • STOP WHITE GENOCIDE: Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries (This one scares me…)
  • Dissolve the current legal system and replace it with a single Hall of Justice, run by Judges; motorcycle-riding law officers who act as police, judge, jury, and executioner. (This one scares me more…)

Via: We the People

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And in Other News…

What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

other news - beyonce-obamaconcert

Did Beyonce lip-synch the national anthem? Yes, she did. Dlisted

In other news, the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is today. One way to lose all credibility when discussing it? Hitler comparisons! Right Wing Watch

A Kinky Priest Who Sold Meth? C’mon Catholic church, get your sh*t together. Daily Beast

Prominent ultra Orthodox Jewish counsellor sentenced to 103 years in prison for sexual abuse. Aww. They’re trying to make the Catholic church look better. Wall Street Journal

Sasha and Malia steal the Inauguration. Buzzfeed

The Israeli’s are making a mockery of our voter turnout. But the joke’s on them – they still have to deal with Palestine when it’s over. BBC News

Prince Hot Ginge is back from killing the Taliban. CNN

I wouldn’t call a school shooting breaking news in the States anymore… USA Today

France gets some much needed assistance in Mali. Maybe they will be less rude now? CNN

McDonald’s settles $700,000 lawsuit over Islamic diet. If you’re on any kind of diet, McDonald’s probably isn’t the place for you… Fox News

British grandmother sentenced to death in Bali for drug trafficking. Guess she didn’t watch Brokedown Palace on the plane ride over. BBC News

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