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And in Other News…

What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

christopher_dorner_burning_house other news

Wanted ex cop Christopher Dorner went up in flames. Or did he…? CNN

The sex life of a sea slug is complicated. Indeed. Apparently they have disposable penises which can  detach, re-grow, and then be re-used. Happy early Valentine’s Day. BBC News

Canadian mounties under investigation again. This time for raping aboriginal women and girls. Yikes. CBC

Mini Poland Springs water bottle upstages Republican response to State of the Union speech: now in slow motion! Deadspin

Things aren’t looking up for ole Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan is having complex alternative cancer treatment. Reuters

Are drones comparable to apartheid? According to Desmond Tutu, yes. New York Times

Europeans are so hungry they could eat a horse. And they have been. Alllll over Europe. Reuters

NRA kingpin Wayne LaPierre seems a little paranoid. Do we really need guns in a hurricane? Huffington Post 

Israel confirms jailing mystery foreigner named Prisoner X. Mysterious…. NBC News 

Six arrests made in Acapulco tourist rape case. Mexico still dangerous. Los Angeles Times 

American Airlines and US Airways to become a super airline. Daily News

The New York Times apologizes to Mamu Maru the cat. Buzzfeed

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Obama’s State of the Union Address was Alright, but the Real Winner was Marco Rubio’s Tiny Bottle of Water

Barack Obama state of the union

President Barack Obama gave his annual State of the Union address last night, battling it out for coverage with the California cop crime drama which was unfolding at the exact same time.

Obama’s State of the Union speech focused largely on economic themes, calling for ‘smarter’ government rather than bigger government. He asserted that “we can’t just cut our way to prosperity” and suggested that it is time for a more balanced approach, including accepting that government has a vital role to play in ensuring economic growth and a secure middle class.

With two wins under his belt it seems Obama is ready to take a turn to the left in terms of economic policy. However, he was quick to note (for Republicans’ sake) that “nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime.” What he did propose though was increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour. He noted that someone working full time at the minimum wage makes just $14,500 a year which means living below the poverty line. Still more than Zimbabwe has though.

Other notable State of the Union moments included calls for action on:

  • Climate change: Obama vowed to act on climate change himself if Congress failed to enact legislation, citing the recent bizarre weather patterns as an indication of global warming.
  • Immigration: Obama reiterated the ‘path to citizenship’ spiel and praised the gang of eight’s bipartisan efforts.
  • Afghanistan: Although already announced, Obama yet again pledged to end the war in Afghanistan by removing 34,000 troops by next year.
  • Gun Violence: Obama made gun control his emotional finale, citing the  murder of the young girl who performed at his inauguration last month and urging common-sense gun reforms.

The Republican response? Well, thematically Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul’s responses were similar: Obama loves big government, big government is bad, blah blah blah. No surprise there. But what was a (delightful) surprise was when, near the end of his speech, Rubio lunged awkwardly off camera to reach for a tiny bottle of Poland Springs water all while maintaining eye contact with the camera. Needless to say, it was awkwaaaard.

The next morning Rubio remarked: “I needed water, what am I going to do?”. Perhaps Poland Springs should be his running mate in 2016? I could be persuaded to vote for that… if I had a vote… which I don’t.

Via: The Daily Beast

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Current Event Cat of the Day

last mass current event cat

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And in Other News…

What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

other news afghanistan

Obama will pull out 34,000 troops from Afghanistan over the next year. In related news, 34,000 Taliban expected to return to Kabul. New York Times

Kim Jong-Un is at it again! North Korea cranks out third nuke test much to the international communities chagrin. BBC News

Obama’s State of the Union address ruins Tuesday night television for many. What can we expect from the speech? NPR

“The whole boat stinks” – excellent quote. Passenger on the stranded cruise ship in the gulf of Mexico are unhappy. “There’s water and feces all over the floor” – yes, keep the boat quotes coming.  National Post

Two charged in Chicago girl / Obama inauguration performer’s murder. USA Today

French aid workers sentenced to two years in prison for smuggling fake orphans out of Chad. BBC News

Kill Osama Bin Laden, get nothing. Navy SEAL adjusts (poorly) to civilian life. Chicago Tribune

Hagel hating continues among Republicans – this time with filibuster threat. Politico

Gay marriage A-OK in France now. Legally at least… Fox News

Ex-LA Cop in shoot out with the police. Will Charlie Sheen come to the rescue? Globe and Mail

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I think I know why the Pope resigned…


Days after Kim Kardashian posed with Christ the Redeemer (coincidence?), the Pope announced he’s quitting his job, promising a new pope by Easter.

This marks the first time a pope has abandoned his post since Pope Gregory XII forfeited the job in 1415. The 85-year-old pope announced his resignation in Latin during a meeting of Vatican cardinals on Monday morning – a decision that was the result of his ailing health. In a statement, Pope Benedict said that medical problems had created an “incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”

Benedict’s brief (is 8 years considered brief?) tenure was characterized by conflict and controversy. Within the church, he has refused a larger role to women and been unbending in his rejection of same-sex unions, abortion and contraception. And then there’s the whole child rape thing…. The massive sexual abuse scandal and cover-up in Ireland (among other places…) resulted in a loss of trust in the Vatican as well as a drop in church attendance. Other pope bloopers (poopers?) include offending Muslims, lifting excommunication orders on Holocaust deniers, and condemning the entire capitalist system.

But the Pope Benedict era was also ripe with modernization. Pope Benedict became the first pope to have his own twitter account and… well I guess that was the only act of modernization.  And Kim Kardashian still has over ten times the number of followers. But both have had sex scandals and like to quit things after short periods of time… so they both win?

The more important question on everyone’s some people’s minds is “Who’s the new pope?” The frontrunners include:

A Canadian Pope! A Latin American Pope! An American Pope! An Italian Pope!

new pope

The Vatican today said it wants to elect a new pope by Easter, but the identity of the 266th pope won’t be revealed until the white smoke wafts over St. Peter’s Square.

Spoiler alert: it will be an old, conservative Catholic man.

Via: The National Post

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Current Event Cat of the Day

horsemeat current event cat

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News Flash: Drinking 10 litres of Coca-Cola a day probably isn’t the best idea…

Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings

Drinking large quantities of Coca-Cola has been linked to a New Zealand woman’s death.

Natasha Harris, a 30 year old mother of eight who died three years ago after going into cardiac arrest, drank up to 10 litres of Coca-Cola each day. That’s twice the recommend limit of caffeine and over 11 times the recommended sugar intake… put another way, that’s 2 pounds of sugar a day. Her Coke addiction was so bad that all of her teeth had been removed due to decay and some of her children had developed teeth without enamel.

Her partner found her on the toilet (presumably pissing out a few litres of Coke) at their home in Invercargill, New Zealand, following the heart attack that killed her. Coca-Cola has maintained that, despite her coke guzzling ways, Harris’s death could not be definitively linked to her Coke habit. The coroner’s report, released today, suggests otherwise:

When all of the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely that she would have died when she died and how she died.

However, the coroner was quick to add:

Coca-Cola cannot be held responsible for the health of consumers who drink unhealthy quantities of the product.


The fact she had her teeth extracted several years before her death because of what her family believed was Coke induced tooth decay, and the fact that one or more of her children were born without enamel on their teeth, should have been treated by her, and by her family, as a warning.


Natasha Harris knew, or ought to have known and recognized, the health hazard of her chosen diet and lifestyle.

No kidding. Let’s review the case:

  • Drinks 10 litres of Coca-Cola a day
  • Has 8 children
  • Is 30 years old
  • Has no teeth
  • Presumably has no education

So the real question is: should soft drink companies carry more warning labels about the risks of sugar and caffeine or should idiots who drink 10 litres of Coke a day not be allowed to procreate?

Via: BBC News

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Current Event Cat of the Day

Kitten Bowl Current Event Cat

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Why is Egypt so Angry?

Angry Egypt

As I type, opponents of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi are clashing with the police outside of the presidential palace in Egypt. The protesters hurled molotov cocktails at Morsi’s palace, demanding he be overthrown.

Since it’s 2011 revolution, Egypt has never been the picture of stability, but Cairo has seen the worst of the violence over the past week in which more than 60 people were killed. Clashes started up again last week sparked by the death sentences imposed on 21 local people in connection with soccer riots.

But whats really behind the clashes? Why is Egypt so angry and why do they hate Morsi so?

Well first, Morsi’s response to the recent clashes left much to be desired. After announcing a state of emergency on Sunday, he ordered a night-time curfew to stay in place for 30 days. This didn’t go over too well and many protesters just ended up ignoring it.

But the underlying cause of the protests stem from Morsi imposing a new form of authoritarianism and betraying the values of the uprising two years ago. After being elected last year, President Morsi issued a constitutional declaration that greatly expanded his own powers, prompting some opponents to call the Muslim Brotherhood leader the “new pharaoh.”

Morsi rushed in the new controversial Islamist-tinged constitution which many regarded as undemocratic. Although the constitution was put to a referendum, turnout was low and ‘sketchiness’ was reported. And so tens of thousands of Egyptians continue to protest the Morsi’s power grab and the general lack of change in Egypt.

Ok – Morsi is a bit of a pharaoh, but the problem runs far deeper than Morsi. Egypt is now plagued by a fundamental lack of security, regardless of who reigns. It’s the anti-Morsi sentiment combined with widespread law and order problems and a loss of confidence in state institutions, that have spurred speculations about whether the Egyptian state will collapse. I guess we’ll just wait and see…

Via: BBC

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And in Other News….

What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News Japanese Pop Star

Japanese pop star shaves her head as punishment for ‘night of passion’ with a 19 year old boy band member.  You’d think that sleeping with a Japanese boy band member would be punishment enough. The Globe and Mail

Terrible Pastor leaves terrible tip at terrible restaurant. Gawker

Former New York mayor Ed Koch dies at 88. Although known for his sharp tongue and fiesty behaviour, anyone who hates Donald Trump is ok by me. Fox News

Obama changes contraception rules: Religious Nonprofits will now be able to offer coverage that does not include contraception and a third-party issuer will handle anything relating to birth control. Really? Birth control should be mandatory for overly religious couples. Case in point: The DuggarsPolitico

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues his Obama lovefest. Buzzfeed

Random Vancouver knifing: 7 stabbed in random knife attack. Lefties praise Canada’s gun control, righties sarcastically demand knife registry. CBC News

Super Bowl ads of the past. I think I’ve found a new hobby: herding cats. Wall Street Journal

I’m so hungry I could eat a ….. oh wait I already did. At Burger KingCNN

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