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Hot New Trend Alert: Guns in Bars

Guns in Bars

Guns? Check. Alcohol? Check. Confined space filled with drunks? Check. Guns in bars. What could go wrong?

The Republican-led North Carolina state legislature has just passed a measure expanding the state’s concealed-weapons-carry laws to include the right for permit holders to bring guns into restaurants and bars. However, the bar/restaurant owners have to be OK with it – otherwise, no guns in bars. And by “OK with it”, I mean they don’t expressly forbid it.

The Republican-backed measure will also allow concealed-carry permit holders to store weapons in locked cars on the campus of any public school or university. Guns will also now be allowed on greenways, playgrounds and other public recreation areas. There’s nothing like a gun on a playground to spice up an otherwise dull playdate.

But the gun lovers didn’t get their way on everything. The final bill did not include the controversial provision that would have repealed the long-standing law requiring a background check and permit issued by county sheriffs for handgun purchases.

The bill now awaits Republican Governor Pat McCrory’s signature. But given that it’s North Carolina, I’m pretty sure he’s going to sign it…

Via: The Associated Press 

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Anthony Weiner’s Weiner

Current Event Cat - Weiner Sexting

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s weiner is back on the scene with a new sexting scandal. Once a sexter, always a sexter!

Anthony Weiner, who famously resigned from Congress two years ago after it was revealed he had sent dick pics to young women, addressed new sexting allegations at a press conference on Tuesday. After the gossip website The Dirty posted X-rated text messages and a crotch shot that it said the former congressman exchanged with an unidentified woman, Weiner was forced to fess up.

Although he admitted that (once again) he sent lewd photos and explicit messages to a woman, he is refusing to drop out of the NYC mayor’s race. I repeat, Anthony Weiner will NOT pull out. Weiner claims the recently revealed sexts occurred both before and after his resignation from Congress but as of 2013 he’s sext-free.

Weiner, who has been leading polls of Democratic mayoral candidates, said he was “very sorry” about the incident.

“This behaviour is behind me. I’ve apologised to my wife, Huma, and I’m grateful that she has worked through these issues with me and that I’ve had her forgiveness,” Weiner told reporters.

“I want to again say how very sorry I am to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused.”

I’m surprised more things didn’t come out sooner,” Weiner added.

Weiner’s wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is sticking by her husband for the second time.

“Our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and downs, It took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where I could forgive Anthony.”

Anthony’s made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from Congress and after. But I do very strongly believe that it’s between us and our marriage. I love him, I believe him, we are moving forward.”

Someone’s been spending too much time around Hillary Clinton

The best part of the sexting scandal isn’t that history is repeating itself all over again but rather that Anthony Weiner’s online alias is “Carlos Danger”.

In July 2012, Carlos Danger engaged in racy exchanges with a 22-year-old woman. The woman, who does not want to be identified, said she began chatting with Weiner on the social networking site Formspring and that their online relationship began in July 2012 and lasted for six months. According to her, Weiner exchanged nude photos of himself with her, engaged in phone sex, shared sexually explicit fantasies, and  promised to help her get a job at the political website Politico and suggested meeting in a Chicago condo for a tryst. Oh Carlos Danger… will you ever learn?

Via: The Toronto Star

Both Rape Victim and Rapist Pardoned in Dubai… And Other News

Dubai Rape

The 24-year-old Norwegian woman who was sentenced to 16 months in prison for premarital sex after she went to Dubai police to report she had been raped by a colleague, has been pardoned.

Marte Deborah Dalelv, who worked for an interior design firm in Qatar (owned by Janet Jackson’s husband) since 2011, claims she was sexually assaulted by a co-worker in March while she was attending a business meeting in Dubai. Instead of arresting the rapist, Dalelv was detained for four days after being accused of having sex outside marriage, which is forbidden in the UAE. The case has understandably drawn outrage from rights groups and the West since her sentencing on Wednesday. The alleged attacker received a 13-month sentence for non-marital sex and alcohol consumption. But now Dubai has pardoned them both. Dubai’s public prosecutor’s office confirmed that pardons had been granted to both Dalelv and the Sudanese man she accused. Glad that’s cleared up. Now I can take my vacation to NOT Dubai. CNN

BYnesThe crazy finally got the best of Amanda Bynes. The actress was hospitalized Monday night for a 5150 hold, aka a psychiatric evaluation, aka pulling a Britney, after she allegedly set a fire in an unknown woman’s driveway. Craaaazy. Police were called to a Los Angeles house after Bynes set a small fire in the driveway. When the police arrived Bynes was standing nearby the fire and couldn’t give the police a sensible reason why she did it. The elderly woman whose driveway was set aflame told TMZ that she had no idea who Amanda Bynes was. Based on her crazy answers to their questioning, police decided she needed to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold. Bynes can be held only for 72 hours while doctors determine her mental capabilities. TMZ

Plane touches down without landing gear at LaGuardia Looks like passengers are getting too big for planes. The front landing gear of a flight arriving at New York’s LaGuardia Airport collapsed Monday right after the plane touched down on the runway, injuring 10 people. Maybe they should institute Air Samoa’s pay what you weigh policy? When the landing gear failed, the jet skidded across the runway on its nose and came to a stop in the grass. Passengers reported a chaotic situation and said that all the cell phones, iPads, books, and drinks went flying forward in the plane. Not the iPads! CBC News

Beach SmokingTake that France! The French were angry when gay marriage got the go ahead and now they’re even angrier because the health minister is calling for a smoking ban on beaches. The real kicker? France is currently going through a heat wave so EVERYONE is at the beach. The Socialist minister said she hoped smoking would also be banned outside schools and on university campuses, saying “Is it normal for mothers, fathers or nannies to smoke in a public park where children play? I don’t think so. Tobacco kills…” Someone’s taking cues from New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg! Fun fact: Smoking is the prime cause of avoidable mortality in France and is responsible for 90% of lung cancer cases and 73,000 premature deaths each year. BBC News

Dave BingTough times ahead for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. After Detroit because the largest American city to file for bankruptcy last week, Mayor Bing has been getting bombarded with questions over what the hell happened. Bing, a former professional basketball star who is in his first full mayoral term, took office in 2009 promising to solve Detroit’s fiscal problems, which by then were already pretty rough. Needless to say, he didn’t solve them. Instead Kevyn Orr was called in as Detroit’s emergency manager and together with Governor Rick Snyder, the two decided Detroit should just give up and file for bankruptcy. Bing is now left in a position with no power, especially since he declared back in May that he will not run in the next mayoral election. “He’s been so embarrassed by all of this and so neutered,” said Steve Hood, a political consultant in Detroit. So neutered indeed. New York Times

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McDonald’s Helps Workers Budget by Telling Them to Get a Second Job

McDonald's Money SKills

Minimum wage has become a hot topic as of late but McDonald’s has you covered!

Fear not minimum wage earners! McDonald’s partnered with Visa to launch a website to help its low-wage workers budget. The budget is based on the average minimum wage of $8.25 an hour and includes a sample budget journal.

First, in order to survive off a minimum wage McDonald’s job, you will need a second full-time job. Makes sense, but if McDonald’s need to tell their employees to get a second job in order to survive, they might not be paying them a high enough wage. With two full-time minimum wage jobs you will need to work 74 hours a week to stick to the budget. Luckily you won’t have to worry about entertainment expenses because you won’t have any free time – what with all the working and sleeping.

What else does the budget allow?

Rent: $600 a month. That sounds reasonable if you’re living in a 100sq foot basement apartment in the middle of nowhere.

Health insurance: $20 a month. Bandaids and Nyquil – check!

Heating: $0 a month. Who needs heat when you can just develop a healthy layer of BigMac fat over your body? Keeps you warm and full! Doesn’t really help with the health insurance though….

Monthly “spending money”: $800 a month. This includes gas, food, clothing, childcare, Starbucks runs and everything else. Clearly the low food budget implies McDonald’s workers should just sneak some McNuggets when the manager isn’t looking.

McDonald's Budget

McDonald’s budget conclusion? “You can have almost anything you want as long as you plan ahead and save for it.”

Except for money of course.

Via: Forbes & McDonald’s

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George Zimmerman to the… Rescue?

Zimmerman to the rescue

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted earlier this month of murder and manslaughter in the death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, helped rescue a family from an overturned vehicle in Florida last week.

Four days after the verdict, Zimmerman, with the aid of another man, helped rescue a family from an overturned SUV. A blue Ford Explorer had run off the road and rolled over with a family of four inside. When the police arrived on the scene the two men had already helped the family out of the SUV. There were no reported injuries and the rescued family’s identity and race were not immediately known.

Well I guess this makes the verdict ok now. Although, Zimmerman could have orchestrated the whole thing as an elaborate PR stunt, setting up the crash so he could come across as a national hero instead of a national disgrace.

Nice try Zimmerman, but the police aren’t buying it. When asked if Zimmerman was being called a hero, the police spokeswoman said: “We’re not going that far.”

Back into hiding you go!

Via: USA Today

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Royal Baby

Current Event Cat - Royal Baby

Royal Baby Update: The heir is here!

Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a son into the world on Monday at 4:24 p.m. BST. The new parents are “doing well” and are preparing to leave St. Mary’s Hospital in London and present the royal baby — third in line to the British throne — to the world.

Meanwhile, Britain is going crazy. Gun salutes in Green Park and the Tower of London and the ringing of bells at Westminster Abbey started off the celebration. At Buckingham Palace, royal watchers, tourists, and everyone else in London are lining up in the rain to catch a fleeting glimpse of the bulletin announcing the arrival of the royal baby, which is being displayed on an easel. Even more are waiting outside the hospital hoping to see Wills, Kate and the royal baby as they leave. Speculation on the name of the royal baby is also in full force. Will it be George???? I bet it’ll be George.

And it’s not just Britain that is going nuts – it’s the Twittersphere. According to Twitter, the royal baby had more than two million mentions on Monday. The peak came at 8:37 p.m., when Buckingham Palace announced the boy’s birth, with 25,300 tweets per minute. Twitter doesn’t lie – you love the royal baby.

But enough about the royal baby – what about the coverage leading up to the birth of the royal baby? There were a lot of gems out there but here are a few faves:

1. CNN’s royal contributor Victoria Arbiter:

“This is how brilliant a royal Kate is,” Victoria Arbiter told CNN. “There are women throughout British royal family history that have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy, and here we are, Kate did it first time.”

Congrats on the 50/50 odds! Now here’s John Oliver mocking her endlessly:

2. BBC reporter Simon McCoy

Simon and his viewers are pretty much over the waiting game and have nothing left to report.

”Plenty more to come from here of course, none of it news, because that will come from Buckingham Palace. But that won’t stop us, we’ll see you later.”

“We’ll just wait and see, it could be tomorrow morning if all goes well today. Until then, we’re going to be speculating about this royal birth with no facts to hand at the moment.”

3. The Globe and Mail

The Globe asks: will the royal baby be a confident Leo or sensitive Cancer? Probably neither because astrological signs are bullshit.

4. And lastly, AccuWeather because not even the weather channel could pass up an opportunity to get in on the royal baby action.

AccuWeather begs the question: could a full moon or pressure changes have induced Middleton’s labor? In short: no – but thanks for reading.

Via: BBC News & Current Event Cats

Rolling Stone Cover Blurs the Line Between Rock Star and Terrorist… And Other News

Rolling Stone Cover

Rolling Stone Cover: Rock and Roll star or bomb-happy terrorist?

Rolling Stone has released a photo of their August edition with Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover. Why you ask? Ratings? Bad judgement? Who knows! The cover story reports “how a popular, promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam, and became a monster.” The people of the internet were not pleased. Thousands posted on social media networks calling the cover, which makes Tsarnaev look like a rock star, “tasteless” and “disgusting”. Boston Mayor Tom Menino was equally appalled, saying it “rewards a terrorist with celebrity treatment.” The Rolling Stone cover, Menino added, “is ill-conceived, at best, and reaffirms a terrible message that destruction gains fame for killers and their ‘causes.’” BBC News

Liz CheneyIf there’s one thing America needs, it’s another Cheney in office. And America is in luck! Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz (the non-lesbian one) announced on Tuesday she will run for Senate in Wyoming. The conservative activist and Fox News contributor (she sounds great!) will take on Wyoming’s current three-term Republican Senator Mike Enzi, who also announced his candidacy on Tuesday, in the Republican primary next summer. Cheney, who began prepping for her candidacy last year, already has the back-stabbing part of politics down pat. “I thought we were friends,” Enzi said when he heard the news. “She said that if I ran, she wasn’t going to run.” Rand Paul, who has a long history of Cheney hatred, was also displeased at the news, mocking Liz Cheney’s decision to run in Wyoming, a state she has no real claim to. It’s a shame they don’t get along – they have so much in common: nepotism, terrible policies, and…. well mainly just nepotism. Washington Post

Emma RobertsActress Emma Roberts, a niece of Julia Roberts, was arrested for domestic violence in Montreal earlier this month, TMZ reported. Emma Roberts? Domestic violence? What’s next – Taylor Swift for grand theft auto? Anyways, according to the police, Roberts and her boyfriend got in a pretty heated argument which left him his a bloody nose and bite marks on his body. The commotion prompted a neighbor to call the police and they proceeded to arrest Roberts based on her boyfriends injuries. Note to self: Never anger Emma Roberts. She will bite you. TMZ

Syrians flee from the Rasulayn region across the border into the Turkish town of Ceylanpinar.The Syrian refugee crisis is the worst. Worse than the Rwandan genocide of 1994? Well, no, not that bad. But definitely the worst since then! At least according to the United Nations. Speaking to the UN Security Council, UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres, said that the conflict in Syria has caused the world’s worst refugee crisis in 20 years and that refugee numbers had not risen “at such a frightening rate” since the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The high rate of killings in Syria – at nearly 5,000 a month – is causing people to flee like they’ve never fled before. Al Jazeera

Promotional photo of tubes of Wet kosher lubricantAccording to the Guardian, kosher lube is the new “it” thing for Orthodox Jews and the product is putting oral sex back on the menu for them.  Horny Rabbis have certified a range of lubricants as kosher, giving them the religious stamp of approval – in eight sexy flavours. The kosher certification is only relevant to Jews who swallow a product – so moisturizer or lip balm don’t matter because Jews don’t injest the products. But now Jews are free to lube up during oral sex. Wait… why do Jews need lube for oral sex?? They must be doing it wrong. Or am I doing it wrong….? The Guardian

Programming Note: Reagan is taking off early for the weekend and will be back July 22nd for some fuuuuun times! See you then cats!

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India: Free School Meals Gone (Horribly) Wrong

Free Meals Gone Wrong

Free school meals in India! The only catch? Your children might die.

Twenty-two schoolchildren are dead and dozens more fell sick after eating tainted food as part of a free lunch program in India’s eastern state of Bihar.

The tainted lunches were part of India’s Mid-Day Meal Program, which provides free food to boost school attendance and promote healthy eating. The Mid-Day Meal program is known to suffer from a bit of a hygiene problem – it is India after all. Just look at their hospital above – yikes! But the program went horribly awry when twenty-eight suck primary school kids were taken to the hospital on Tuesday after ingesting the rice and soybean lunch. So much for boosting school attendance.

The doctors who provided care for the children said the smell coming off the children’s bodies indicated the food contained organo-phosphorus, a poisonous substance. Yum.

“When the children were clinically examined, we saw that there was severe congestion in the chest, and their pupils were dilated. These are symptoms of organo-phosphorus poisoning,” a doctor at the Chhapra district hospital explained.

“Organo-phosphorus is a compound also used as a pesticide for crops. It is very dangerous. Even a small quantity of it would prove fatal for small children. Looking at the critical condition in which they were brought to the hospital, it seems like there were large quantities of poison in the food that they consumed.”

The exact source responsible for the poisoning has yet to be determined but investigators are looking into it. In the meantime, families of the dead children have been offered 200,000 rupees ($3,370) in compensation.

Apparently that wasn’t enough though because violent protests broke out over the incident. Angry parents joined the hundred of villagers protesting against the school, setting at least four police vehicles on fire. That’s the spirit!

Via: BBC News

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Soviet-Style Missiles

Current Event Cat - Soviet-style Missiles to NK

After Panama caught them in the act, Cuba admitted to supplying old Soviet-style weapons to North Korea. Those sneaky Cubans…

A North Korean cargo ship was seized in the Panama Canal and after a quick search authorities discovered missiles, fighter jets and other weaponry amongst a load of 10,000 tonnes of sugar. The missiles and other arms were hidden in containers underneath the abundant sugar cargo. Apparently North Koreans really like sugar. And really old Soviet-style weapons.

Just how old were these weapons?

We’re talking old,” one official who investigated the ship said. “When this stuff was new, Castro was plotting revolutions.”

Since the United Nations prohibits the direct or indirect supply of all weapons to North Korea, Cuba found itself in a bit of a sticky situation – and not just because they were knee deep in sugar.

Cover story time! The Cuban Foreign Ministry declared that the weapons found were “obsolete” Soviet-era arms and were simply being sent to North Korea for “repair”.

“The agreements subscribed by Cuba in this field are supported by the need to maintain our defensive capacity in order to preserve national sovereignty,” the ministry said in a statement, arguing that it had the right to send these weapons off for North Korean-style repair.

First, obsolete Soviet-style arms are not going to be much use in defending your national sovereignty – there’s a reason why they’re called obsolete. Second, who sends anything to North Korea for repairs? Well, maybe Cubans… They don’t strike me as a people with a highly developed missile system – especially if they’re still using old Soviet leftovers.

Via: Current Event Cats & The Guardian

Zimmerman Prostests Turn Ugly, Bill O’Reilly Sums Up Protesters

Zimmerman protests

In an unsurprising turn of events, the George Zimmerman verdict protests are turning violent.

In Los Angeles 150 people broke away from a peaceful demonstration on Monday night and began attacking people, stomping on cars, breaking store windows, and setting fires. Fourteen people were arrested amid the Zimmerman related vandalism and assaults as 350 LAPD officers swarmed the Crenshaw district to control the riot.

The city’s police chief said his officers would adopt a tougher approach to any further disturbances and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti urged protesters to remain peaceful.

“The trial that we saw in Florida has ignited passions but we have to make sure that it will not ignite the city,” Mayor Garcetti said.

“We are a better city than what we have seen tonight in the hands of a few people, and we will make sure that the community here in South Los Angeles is safe on its streets.”

But just who are these protesters? Well, those who are upset by the George Zimmerman verdict can be classified into two groups: those who “simply hate America” and those who “believe the country is flat-out racist” and “suffer a victim mentality” – in Bill O’Reilly’s mind anyway.

After discussing some of the protests that began after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder, the Fox News host explained how everyone who disagreed with the verdict was basically a sore loser.

“So the anti-American folks are using the acquittal of George Zimmerman to vent their hatred,” O’Reilly said. “America in general had nothing to do with the death of Trayvon Martin. It was a calamity, not a product of policy.”

“Now the second group of Americans emotionally invested in the demise of George Zimmerman are those who believe their country is flat out racist. That blacks and other minorities don’t get fair play from the justice system, the economic system or the social system. Many of these Americans are nursing personal grievances. Others are victims of the victim mentality.”

O’Reilly’s list of people who “hate America” grows pretty much anytime anyone does anything he disapproves of, but this time it seems legit. If you’re upset with the decision of six jurors you clearly hate America, but if you’re upset with the decision of millions of Americans who voted for Obama, you clearly love America. Makes total sense.  

Via: BBC News

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