A G’eh Victory for Ontario: Kathleen Wynne Wins

Kathleen Wynne; Dalton McGuinty

Kathleen Wynne was chosen on Saturday as the new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and by default, the Premier. Wynne will be Ontario’s first female premier as well as the country’s first openly gay premier (wait, who were the closeted ones?).

Kathleen Wynne, a community activist turned Cabinet Minister, defeated Sandra Pupatello on a third ballot at the Ontario Liberal Party convention in Toronto. The two women were long considered the front-runners in the leadership race but Wynne ultimately secured the win on the third ballot by capturing 1,150 votes to Pupatello’s 866.

Unlike other potential candidates vying for top Liberal jobs (cough… Trudeau), Wynne has a fair amount of experience behind her. A former school board trustee, Wynne has represented Don Valley West since 2003 and has held several prominent cabinet positions including education and transportation in outgoing premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet.

Wynne’s first order of business? Recalling the legislature and getting MPPs back to work for the first time since October. While that one is kind of a no-brainer, Wynne does face a pretty daunting task: settling the teacher dispute, dealing with an $11.9 billion deficit, fixing the state of Ontario’s manufacturing industry, and fending off partisan attacks in a minority parliament.

But despite the obstacles they must overcome, the Ontario Liberals may still be in better shape than their Federal counterparts who may end up with Justin Trudeau at the helms. Voting for the idiot son of a former leader has never gone wrong, right? Oh wait… Iraq.

On a more positive note, at least we’re not ruled by a fat Asian kid with his own nuclear weapons.

Via: The Globe and Mail

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