A More Effective Conservative Attack Ad

Trudeau vs Harper Attack Ad

After Justin Trudeau won the Liberal leadership last week, Conservatives were quick to put out an attack ad slamming his lack of political experience and questionable judgment.

The attack ad, seen below, created a bit of backlash for the Conservatives, who used a quote from 1999 and footage from a strip charity event.

But now, with the help of FM96, the Conservatives have an even more effective strategy to combat Justin Trudeau and his growing popularity.

Vote Stephen Harper: Nobody Wants to Bang Him. Especially if they’ve been to the Kingston Frontenac Public Library and seen this lovely painting:

Nude Harper

Sadly, this “Unsexy Prime Minister” tactic eliminates the possibility of Peter Mackay ever running for the Conservative leadership spot. He’s far too sexually threatening to garner enough votes.

So what’s another good tactic to make Stephen Harper seem less scary and more loveable? Cover him with kittens!

Prime Minister with kittens

“Done! He’s got my vote!” said everyone in every province.

Works every time…

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