A Teen Prostitution Ring? Teenage Girls are Messed Up.

Teen Prostitution Ring

The prostitution ring trial of three Ottawa-area teenage girls began yesterday, revealing that the teens used social media to lure their victims.

On Monday, the first day of the trial, the three teenage pimps pleaded not guilty to a total of 74 charges, including:

  •          Human trafficking
  •          Procuring for prostitution
  •          Abduction
  •          Forcible confinement
  •          Robbery
  •          Sexual assault
  •          Assault
  •          Uttering threats
  •          Printing and publishing child pornography

Those are quite the charges… no wonder it took 20 minutes to read them out in court.

The three teen girls were accused last June of running a teen prostitution ring in Ottawa, using social media tactics to lure young girls to a community project complex in Southeast Ottawa, the home of one of the girls.

And how does one lure teenage girls into strange homes? With the promise of a sleepover! The Crown claims that the victims were befriended on the Internet and then invited to a sleepover at an Ottawa home where they were encouraged/forced to drink alcohol and take drugs. In some cases the victims, who ranged in age from 13 to 17, were beaten and had their possessions stolen. Next step? The victims were then taken in taxis to the homes of men who would pay up to $400 to have sex with them.

Sounds like a solid business model. But what should you not do when running a teenage prostitution ring? Post sh*t on Facebook. The Crown said their evidence against the girls consists of facebook messages, tweets, and nude photos that were used to advertise the victims.

The trial is expected to last about four weeks.

Via: The National Post

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