Adidas Stops Selling Sexual World Cup T-Shirts

T-shirts withdrawn by Adidas for the Brazil World Cup.

Adidas has agreed to stop selling two raunchy t-shirts in the run up to the 2014 World Cup.

But this time it wasn’t a Mormon mother who was horrified at the indecent t-shirts, it was Brazil’s ministry of women’s affairs that launched a series of complaints that the shirts sexualized the country’s image and associated Brazil with sexual tourism.

One of the now discontinued t-shirts read “Looking to score?” next to a bikini-clad woman with open arms. The other had an “I love Brazil” heart resembling a upside down thong-clad butt.

The ministry of women’s affairs said the t-shirts were not only offensive to Brazilian women but also exposed them to the “barbarism” of sexual predators.

“This is all the more shocking in a country that just elected a woman as its highest authority, which brought greater respect for women and zero tolerance for any form of violence against them,” a ministry statement said.

Dilma Rousseff – Brazil’s first female president – also reacted to the sexual stereotype scandal.

“Brazil is happy to receive tourists for the World Cup, but it is also ready to combat sex tourism,” she said on Twitter.

Even Brazil’s tourism board was outraged over the Adidas apparel, urging the sportswear giant to pull the shirts from its shelves. The country’s tourism board, Embratur, says it is vehemently against any products that link Brazil’s image to sex appeal and the tourism ministry declared that “such an attitude indirectly contributes to committing crimes such as sexual child and adolescent exploitation”.

Following the controversy, Adidas, one of the main sponsors of the World Cup, decided it was better to just stop selling the t-shirts.

“Adidas always pays close attention to the opinion of its consumers and partners,” the company statement read.

It was either that or Dilma Rousseff would have to go around buying out every store’s inventory Mormon Mom Style.

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