Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Officer Arrested for… Sexual Assault

Air Force Arrested Sexual Assault

The military is plagued with sexual assaults and I think I know why… The man in charge of preventing sexual attacks in the US Air Force sexually assaults women instead.

Lt Col Jeff Krusinki, the officer given the daunting task of stemming sexual assault in the US Air Force, has been arrested and accused of… wait for it… sexual assault. Job fail!

Krusinski, 41, had one to many drinks and drunkenly approached a woman in a northern Virginia parking lot. He then proceeded to grope her breasts and butt. The woman fought him off after he attempted to touch her again and quickly alerted the police.

Krusinski, the head of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response programme, was arrested for sexual battery and held on a $5,000 bond. Maybe he was just doing research for his job? Air Force officials didn’t think so. They reported that Lt Col Krusinski had been removed from his post following reports of the arrest. NOW who will be in charge of preventing sexual assaults in the Air Force?

Well, anyone else I guess. Apparently a dead plant could have done a better job than Krusinski. The Pentagon released a new report that reveals more than 70 sexual assaults are carried out every day against members of the U.S. military and more than 26,000 sexual assaults occurred in 2012 alone. Of those cases, only 3,374 members of the military actually reported assaults, while just 3,000 pressed charges.

Why anyone would want to join the military is a mystery to me… but in related news, there’s a new job opening in the Air Force: Head of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response programme. Qualifications: Must not sexually assault people.  

Via: Associated Press

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