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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

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In Soviet Russia, Space Explores You. Russia meteor crash causes millions in damages and leaves hundreds injured. CBC

Canadians debate zombies in Parliament. Yes, this actually happened. Gizmodo

The show must go on! A South African TV channel will still air a reality show featuring Reeva Steenkamp, the murdered girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius. BBC News

Thousands join D.C climate change rally. Will anyone listen? Probably not. USA Today

New diet craze: Get lost in Australian outback, drink contact lens fluid and lose 33 lbs! National Post

Two black guys on a golf course. Side note: Is Tiger Woods considered black? Washington Post

The White House comes up with their own ‘backup’ immigration plan (in case bi-partisanship doesn’t work out…) New York Times

Marco Rubio has a new career: selling water bottles. Actually. So far he’s made $100,000! Buzzfeed

Late term abortions now available in New York thanks to Governor Cuomo. New York Times

More African kidnappings: Gunmen kidnap seven foreigners in Nigeria. Reuters

NRK to broadcast 12-hour wood burning program. Everyone agrees that it will be the most exciting thing on to happen to Norwegian television. BBC News

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