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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

General John Allen other news

Petraeus scandal officially brings down General John Allen. That or Afghanistan. Or ‘family issues’. Whatever. NPR

Oscar Pistorius “mistook girlfriend for intruder” and shot her through the bathroom door. I know that when I break into houses, the first thing I do is take a quick leak. BBC News

Christian dating site linked to rape. I thought the whole point of a Christian dating site was to avoid pre-marital relations? CNN

The Harlem Shake hits the senior citizen circuit. Note: video is NOT in slow motion. USA Today

Bad news for those who just bought a Mac (Reagan): cyber attacks on Apple computers are now a thing. Reuters

Making treasure out of tragedy: Russians are now illegally selling pieces of the meteor that crashed in the Ural mountains last week. New York Times

White House is very concerned with China’s cyber snooping and is bulking up its cyber defenses. Fox News

Tunisia Prime Minister gives up and resigns amid political/economic crisis. That was quick. CBC News

SCROTUS to hear campaign finance case. I mean SCOTUS. Politico

Healthy competition gone very wrong: Connecticut shooter wanted to top Norway shooter. Mission not accomplished. Chicago Tribune

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