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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

romney post-election interview other news

Mittens Romney doesn’t understand why he lost. Maybe the 47% comment wasn’t the best way to woo minorities? The Daily Beast 

Jeb Bush contemplating 2016 White House run. Are three President Bushes too many? Probably. NBC News

J. Bush dies in Florida sinkhole. Don’t get your hopes up – it wasn’t Jeb. CNN

Osama bin who? Islamist commander Abou Zeid was “probably” killed in Mali.  BBC News

CPAC snubs Chris Christie. Or was worried there wouldn’t be enough food to go around at the event. Policy Mic

Cats in strange places. How did they get there? Buzzfeed

Nicolas Cage: Joe Biden impersonator? Buzzfeed

Does Orange Boehner understand the sequestration? According to him, not really. The Daily Kos

Ex-South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is back and ready to take another “hike in the Appalachian Trails” New York Times

Does having a famous last name trump being an experienced politician, military officer, former astronaut, and engineer? In Canada, yes.  The Globe and Mail

HIV cured! But only in babies…. and more research is needed… Chicago Tribune

Suspect identified in NYC hit and run featuring expectant parents/Orthodox Jews. National Post

DR Congo has a poor air safety record.” Yes, yes it does. BBC News

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