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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News - Bin Laden Spokesman

Osama bin Laden’s spokesman / son-in-law arrested and waiting trial in New York CityUSA Today

Kim Jong-un is Kim Jong-Done with the South Korea peace pact. I guess Dennis Rodman’s visit didn’t ease any tensions. BBC News

New Mexico inmate was ‘forgotten about’ for 2 years. Now gets a $15.5 million settlement. CNN 

Rand Paul filibustered alllll night. He even considered using a catheter. John Brennan now officially confirmed as CIA Director and we can all sleep safety knowing Obama will not send drones after unarmed American citizens… The Daily Beast

Missing Chavez? Not to worry, his body will be embalmed and put permanently on display. Fox News

Glenn Beck pulls a Glenn Beck and says more crazy things. Comedy Central

Malaysian security forces killed 31 Filipino gunmen on the island of Borneo over territory disputes. New York Times

Italian bank executive commits suicide by jumping out of his office window. How bad were those austerity measures?  The Globe and Mail

Shark week moves to Spring break week.  A migration of thousands of sharks going north closed several Florida beaches. National Post

Polls for the 2016 presidential race already underway. Politico

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