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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News- Sudan Oil Resumes

Sudan and its little brother South Sudan have put aside their differences for the sake of money. The Sudans have agreed to resume the flow of southern oil exports within two weeks, more than a year after Juba shut down its entire output. Al Jazeera

First Pope Vote a no-go. Black smoke arose from the chimney above the Sistine Chapel, indicating the Cardinals have failed to elect a new pope on the first day in the conclave. Or they’re just waiting for Dennis Rodman to get there. BBC News

Other News - Mali Newspaper ProtestBamako newspapers give the Mali government the silent treatment. In retaliation for arrested an editor who published an open letter challenging the salary of the country’s coup leader, newspapers in the capital refused to print a morning edition. FYI, the military officer’s salary is $8,000 per month. The average worker’s monthly salary is around $125. San Francisco Chronicle

More insider attacks in Afghanistan. A “police officer” opened fire on US and Afghan soldiers on Monday, killing two Americans and three Afghan police officers. They should really work on their screening process. Los Angeles Times

Is Ashley Judd really running for Senate? Kentucky Democrats are afraid she is. Democrats in the state worry she will tarnish the party brand but Donald Trump thinks she will be a great candidate. The Atlantic

Other News - NYC Cannibal CaseNew York City police officer is found guilty in cannibal case. The officer, who did not fully carry out his plans, hatched a plan to kidnap, torture, kill and eat women. The bizarre case raised the question: when does a virtual crime, concocted in Internet chat rooms, become an actual crime? I guess when you add in a psycho into the mix. New York Times

Turns out murder suspect Ram Singh did commit suicide. Now let’s get back to the trial. Times of India 

Hamid Karzai gives US Defence Scretary Chuck Hagel a rough start to his job. Hoping to score some Afghani points, Karzai makes a few craaaazy comments towards the US just in time for Hagel’s visit. The Daily Beast

Other News - Colorado GayRocky Mountain gay! You can take a bong hit in Colorado and now you can have a same-sex civil union. The Colorado House voted Tuesday to approve a bill allowing same-sex civil unions. Despite protests from Republicans that the bill doesn’t offer religious exemptions, it passed 39-26, with two Republicans voting to approve. No marriage though. That would be taking things toooo far. Denver Post

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