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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News - Rand Paul

Rand Paul is so hot right now. Well, according to CPAC youngsters. Rand Paul addressed CPAC attendees at the nation’s largest gathering of conservatives this afternoon. He wowed the crowd, giving a speech on a wide range of topics including drones, marijuana decriminalization and the need for change in the GOP. Where was all this enthusiasm for Ron PaulThe Daily Beast

Detroit’s finances have gone the way of the American automobile industry. The city has appointed an emergency financial manager to run the city. Detroit currently has a $300 million deficit and is in debt to the tune of $14 billion. BBC News

Other News - Christie and ObamaNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie did not make the list of speakers at CPAC this year— a snub the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate earned, organizers said, because of his cozying up to Obama and his harsh criticism of fellow Republicans over Superstorm Sandy spending. Did CPAC make a big mistake snubbing Chris Christie? Buzzfeed

Scientists are excited about the ‘God Particle’. Although it was identified last summer, physicists announced today that further research supports its identification. Having evidence that the particle really exists is important for the current understanding of how the universe works. CNN

Facebook is trying to one-up Twitter by incorporating hashtags as a way to group conversations. #Ihatehashtags Wall Street Journal

Other News - John BoehnerJohn Boehner refuses to acknowledge that Americans voted against Republican principles, suggesting that candidates and personalities – not Republican proposals on Medicare and spending cuts – contributed to the Republican defeat in November. Long story short, he’s sticking with Paul Ryan’s budgetNew York Times

A Jew complaining? Unheard of! The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reached a deal to form a coalition government, but apparently he’s not very happy about being forced to give up his alliance with the ultra-Orthodox parties. NBC News

Pandas love Panda porn. A pair of pandas in southern China were given panda porn to watch to get them in the mood during mating season. And it worked: they mated successfully. The Sun

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