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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News - Glitter Bomb

Lindsay Lohan gets glitterbombed as she arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse Monday morning. Although Lindsay showed up 48 minutes late after missing 2 flights, she managed to strike a plea deal and walked away with a 90-day sentence in lockdown rehab. Lindsay’s sentence stems from lying to the police after she crashed her Porsche on the Pacific Highway last June. TMZ

Handout photo of Lindsey Vonn and Tiger WoodsGolf star /adulterer Tiger Woods is officially dating Lindsay Vonn, an Olympic gold medalist skiier. Woods, 37, and Vonn, 28 announced their relationship on Twitter and Facebook accompanied by professional photos of the couple. Don’t worry about Tigers ex-wife though, she’s in gold digging heaven: In addition to getting $110 million in the divorce, she’s now dating billionaire Chris Cline. USA Today

Other News - Clinton Gay MarriageHillary Clinton climbs on board with gay marriage. The Former Secretary of State joined the ranks of other potential Democratic presidential candidates by announcing her support for gay marriage, an issue that is rapidly gaining public approval. I guess pro-gay is now a must for 2016. Associated Press

Cyprus bank Nicosia cashpointTough times in Cyrpus. Cypriots are flocking to ATMs to withdraw their savings but cash machines have run out of funds. The news that bank accounts would face a one-off tax to help fund the country’s bailout created panic among Cypriots. Banks will remain closed until at least Thursday while Parliament debates the controversial plan to tax savers’ deposits. BBC News

Other News - Ohio RapeAfter the judge handed down sentences to Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond in the teen rape case, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced a further invesgtiation which may lead to more charges for those indreictly involved. Mays and Richmond were charged with penetrating a 16-year-old girl with their fingers, first in the back seat of a moving car and then in the basement of a house back in August. Both were sentenced to at least a year in juvenile prison for the crime. Washington Post

Other News - Swiss TouristIndia is officially the worst place ever. After six men attacked and raped a Swiss woman who was cycling with her husband in central India, the state police announce the blame lies partially with the couple, who were apparently careless for travelling to that part of the country. National Post

Other News - Obama PerezAnother day, another Obama nominee for Republicans to attack. Obama plans to nominate Perez (don’t worry, not Perez Hilton) to lead the Department of Labor. Civil rights lawyer, Thomas Perez, is currently the assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Republicans are likely to scrutinize him over his labour policies, which they view as unfair to small businesses (ie. minimum wage). Los Angeles Times

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