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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

other news - beyonce-obamaconcert

Did Beyonce lip-synch the national anthem? Yes, she did. Dlisted

In other news, the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is today. One way to lose all credibility when discussing it? Hitler comparisons! Right Wing Watch

A Kinky Priest Who Sold Meth? C’mon Catholic church, get your sh*t together. Daily Beast

Prominent ultra Orthodox Jewish counsellor sentenced to 103 years in prison for sexual abuse. Aww. They’re trying to make the Catholic church look better. Wall Street Journal

Sasha and Malia steal the Inauguration. Buzzfeed

The Israeli’s are making a mockery of our voter turnout. But the joke’s on them – they still have to deal with Palestine when it’s over. BBC News

Prince Hot Ginge is back from killing the Taliban. CNN

I wouldn’t call a school shooting breaking news in the States anymore… USA Today

France gets some much needed assistance in Mali. Maybe they will be less rude now? CNN

McDonald’s settles $700,000 lawsuit over Islamic diet. If you’re on any kind of diet, McDonald’s probably isn’t the place for you… Fox News

British grandmother sentenced to death in Bali for drug trafficking. Guess she didn’t watch Brokedown Palace on the plane ride over. BBC News

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