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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

iran-monkey other news

Iran sends monkey into space. Launching a live animal into space is soooo 1950s. But it is a step up from the mouse, turtle and worms they sent into space in 2010. Globe and Mail 

Turns out Timbuktu is a real place. And the French have entered it. BBC News

Brazilian nightclub fire: no good news here. BBC News 

Major flooding in downtown Montreal. They’re totally copying Toronto’s Union station fiasco. CBC News

Senate passes $50 billion Sandy relief bill. Better late than never, I guess? CNN

Boy Scouts consider lifting ban on gay scouts and leaders. I was under the impression that the scouts were already super gay. Hmm. NPR

A mini-al-Assad? Probably not the best time for that… Washington Post

Even though 30 Rock is ending, we will always have life lessons from Liz Lemon. Buzzfeed

Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicates the throne, allowing her son to be King. Your move Queen Elizabeth. Associated Press

Yemen attacks al-Qaeda and vows to free foreign hostages. Let’s hope this goes more smoothly than the last time Yemen tried it. USA Today

U.S. plans base for surveillance drones in Northwest Africa. Africa definitely needs more drones. New York Times

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