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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News John Kerry

Kerry confirmed as Secretary of State. In related news, long monotonous speeches are on the rise. CNN 

Google maps comes to North Korea! Great for gulag spying, but with only 100 North Koreas having internet access, not much trip planning is anticipated. Times Live

Just awful: father of Newtown victim heckled by pro-gun nuts at hearing. Connecticut Post

Does A-Rod love steroids more than he loves women on steroids? Miami Times

Breaking news: Chris Brown still terrible. Also thinks he’s Jesus? Reuters

Suicide blast near the offices of Somalia’s president and prime minister. This is why you don’t hire and then fire ex-Islamist militants as part of your intelligence services. Lesson learned? BBC News 

Passenger plane crashes in Kazakhstan. Was Borat on board? BBC News

Casey Anthony believes “strongly in our justice system”. No kidding – she got off scot free. Daily Mail

Cats have killer instincts. Let’s hope they’re also killing dogs. BBC News

Is Germany Europe’s Afghanistan in terms of treatment of women? New York Times

Obama makes the case for immigration reform. Thousands of Mexicans’ ears perk up. Huffington Post

Now let’s all reminisce about 80s Pop Culture and the Reagan White House. Buzzfeed

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