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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

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In honor of the last 30 Rock episode, the Daily Beast presents the 12 most absurd 30 Rock moments. The Daily Beast

Now you can be a Barbie Girl too! Barbie Cafe opens in…wait for it… Taiwan! It had to be somewhere in Asia…  The Daily Beast

Syria tells Iran on Israel. Iran threatens to retaliate. Nothing good can come of this… Washington Post

Think Glenn Beck can’t get any crazier? Take a visit to Libertypendence park! Huffington Post

Icelandic girl wins legal right to use her given name. Hmm. I didn’t know Iceland was a crazy name-nazi. BBC

Budweiser + Corona = never going to happen. BBC

More shootings in US schools. Seriously? There’s literally a new one every day. USA Today

Oil Disaster in Mexico City: An explosion at the main headquarters of Mexico’s state-owned oil company in the capital killed 14 people and injured 80BBC

Geraldo Rivera and his mustache hint at a 2014 Senate run. CNN 

The Somali government has charged a woman who has said she was raped by security forces. Somalia is giving Russia a run for it’s money re: human rights. National Post

‘Gay dog’ saved from death sentence at last minute. Previous owner/idiot should be euthanized. Daily Mail

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