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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

Other News Japanese Pop Star

Japanese pop star shaves her head as punishment for ‘night of passion’ with a 19 year old boy band member.  You’d think that sleeping with a Japanese boy band member would be punishment enough. The Globe and Mail

Terrible Pastor leaves terrible tip at terrible restaurant. Gawker

Former New York mayor Ed Koch dies at 88. Although known for his sharp tongue and fiesty behaviour, anyone who hates Donald Trump is ok by me. Fox News

Obama changes contraception rules: Religious Nonprofits will now be able to offer coverage that does not include contraception and a third-party issuer will handle anything relating to birth control. Really? Birth control should be mandatory for overly religious couples. Case in point: The DuggarsPolitico

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues his Obama lovefest. Buzzfeed

Random Vancouver knifing: 7 stabbed in random knife attack. Lefties praise Canada’s gun control, righties sarcastically demand knife registry. CBC News

Super Bowl ads of the past. I think I’ve found a new hobby: herding cats. Wall Street Journal

I’m so hungry I could eat a ….. oh wait I already did. At Burger KingCNN

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