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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

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Obama will pull out 34,000 troops from Afghanistan over the next year. In related news, 34,000 Taliban expected to return to Kabul. New York Times

Kim Jong-Un is at it again! North Korea cranks out third nuke test much to the international communities chagrin. BBC News

Obama’s State of the Union address ruins Tuesday night television for many. What can we expect from the speech? NPR

“The whole boat stinks” – excellent quote. Passenger on the stranded cruise ship in the gulf of Mexico are unhappy. “There’s water and feces all over the floor” – yes, keep the boat quotes coming.  National Post

Two charged in Chicago girl / Obama inauguration performer’s murder. USA Today

French aid workers sentenced to two years in prison for smuggling fake orphans out of Chad. BBC News

Kill Osama Bin Laden, get nothing. Navy SEAL adjusts (poorly) to civilian life. Chicago Tribune

Hagel hating continues among Republicans – this time with filibuster threat. Politico

Gay marriage A-OK in France now. Legally at least… Fox News

Ex-LA Cop in shoot out with the police. Will Charlie Sheen come to the rescue? Globe and Mail

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