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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

christopher_dorner_burning_house other news

Wanted ex cop Christopher Dorner went up in flames. Or did he…? CNN

The sex life of a sea slug is complicated. Indeed. Apparently they have disposable penises which can  detach, re-grow, and then be re-used. Happy early Valentine’s Day. BBC News

Canadian mounties under investigation again. This time for raping aboriginal women and girls. Yikes. CBC

Mini Poland Springs water bottle upstages Republican response to State of the Union speech: now in slow motion! Deadspin

Things aren’t looking up for ole Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan is having complex alternative cancer treatment. Reuters

Are drones comparable to apartheid? According to Desmond Tutu, yes. New York Times

Europeans are so hungry they could eat a horse. And they have been. Alllll over Europe. Reuters

NRA kingpin Wayne LaPierre seems a little paranoid. Do we really need guns in a hurricane? Huffington Post 

Israel confirms jailing mystery foreigner named Prisoner X. Mysterious…. NBC News 

Six arrests made in Acapulco tourist rape case. Mexico still dangerous. Los Angeles Times 

American Airlines and US Airways to become a super airline. Daily News

The New York Times apologizes to Mamu Maru the cat. Buzzfeed

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