California School Apologizes for Black History Month Menu

Watermelon Black History Month

A Catholic high school for girls in Northern California decided it would be a good idea to celebrate Black History Month by creating a special black history menu. Turns out that fried chicken, watermelon and cornbread are inappropriate Black History Month menu items.

The student designed menu (which for some reason excluded grape soda) caused outrage among some students and parents, forcing the school to apologize for the stereotypical lunch fare.

“I’d like to apologize for the announcement and any hurt this caused students, parents or community members,” Principal Nancy Libby said in the letter. “Please know that at no time at Carondelet do we wish to perpetrate racial stereotypes.”

Professor James Taylor of the University of San Francisco chimed in about why some students and teachers found the menu so offensive:

 ‘This is not like, ‘This food represents this heroic moment in African-American experience.’ What it represents is the degradation and the stereotyping of African-Americans.”

“Chicken, watermelon, collard greens — these stereotypes of black Southern culture that come from the same place where the N-word comes from.”

So after checking in with the school’s Black Student Union, who suggested watermelon be removed, the school ended up scrapping the whole menu and reverting back to the stereotypical American lunch: pizza, fries, hamburgers, and ten gallons of mayonnaise.

The school has also planned a diversity assembly for later this month – because there’s nothing a boring high school assembly can’t solve – including racial stereotyping.

Via: The Washington Post

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