Archie Comics CEO Accused of Referring to her Male Employees as “Penis”

Archie Comics

Nancy Silberkleit, the co-CEO of Archie Comics, is being sued for gender discrimination by her male employees. Sexism and Archie Comics? Who would have thought? Well, probably everyone who’s ever read an Archie comic…

Five of Silberkleit’s employees, all white men, are currently suing her for millions in damages, saying that she used her gender “as a weapon” to degrade them and became so fond of the word “penis” she started using it as a nickname for all male staff. They also accuse her of frequently yelling “Penis! Penis! Penis!” in staff meetings.

Setting aside the penises, Silberkleit has also been accused of intimidating her employees by inviting Hell’s Angels into the office and constantly inquiring about the whereabouts of her handgun and 750 rounds of ammunition.

And this isn’t the first lawsuit Silberkleit has dealt with. In 2011, her co-CEO, Jonathan Goldwater, filed a suit against her, claiming that she is “unstable” and bankrupting the company. They ended up hiring a mediator to resolve their differences but then the mediator filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that she was nuts and needed to be removed. The case in pending, but if someone’s whose sole job is to come to rational agreements is filing a lawsuit against you, you’re probably pretty crazy.

But according to Nancy Silberkleit, the employees are the ones who are crazy, calling the accusations “untrue and twisted.” Silberkleit’s lawyers claim the suit is baseless because the employees, all white men, don’t belong to a protected class. White men suing over discrimination? Crazy! As Nancy Silberkleit would say, “Stop being such a penis and get back to work. Penis! Penis! Penis!”

Via: NY Daily News

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