Australian PM Not Impressed with ‘Small Breasts’ Menu

Australian PM

Gender has once again taken centre stage in Australia’s election campaign after an offensive menu about Australian PM Julia Gillard was posted online.

Australian PM Julia Gillard has said that the menu, which was for an opposition party fundraiser, was “grossly sexist”. The menu resorted to high school level name-calling and featured “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs and a Big Red Box”. Yikes. Stay classy, Australia!

A photo of the menu from a fundraiser for Queensland Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough

The menu was for a dinner back in March for Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough who is seeking a return to parliament after losing his seat in 2007. After the menu was posted online by a Brisbane chef, Brough apologized for it, admitting it was sexist. Opposition leader Tony Abbott said the menu was “tacky and scatological” but confirmed Brough would still run in the election.

“I condemn it, as Mal Brough has,” Abbott told journalists today. “I think we should all be bigger and better than that. Whether it is a tacky scatological menu out the front of a Liberal Party event, whether it is squalid jokes told at union conference dinners with ministers present.”

The restaurateur later said the menu had been “a joke” and was not used at the meal. The menu also mocked former Australian PM Kevin Rudd and the Greens by including “Rudd’s a Goose Foie Gras” and instructing guests to eat up all their greens “before they take over”.

But Prime Minister Gillard sees the menu as part of a larger issue: a pattern of sexist behaviour from the Liberal National Party.

The wording on the menu was “grossly offensive,” Gillard told reporters. “This is Tony Abbott’s Liberals, this is what they’re like,” she said. “We’d see this lack of respect for women littered throughout all of his government policy documents.”

This isn’t the first time the Australian PM has accused Abbott of misogyny. Last year, Gillard made a 15-minute speech in parliament refusing to fire Speaker Peter Slipper amid sexual harassment charges and accusing Abbott of “peddling a double standard” and having a long history of sexism and misogyny.

Australia is set to hold its general election on September 14 this year and the current polls indicate an opposition win, starring Tony Abbott, is likely. Gillard, the nation’s first female leader, warned that government would be dominated by “men in blue ties” should Abbott assume office and the conservative opposition would marginalize women. Enjoy your new government morons!

Via: The Guardian

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