How to Avoid a Final Exam at Harvard? Call in a Bomb Threat! And Other News…

Harvard Building Evacuations

A Harvard student is accused of emailing in a bomb threat to avoid taking a final exam.

I thought Harvard students were supposed to be smart? Apparently not. Eldo Kim, 20, was charged Tuesday for making a bomb threat that shut down four buildings and caused Harvard to cancel some finals on Monday. A stressed-out Kim allegedly sent emails to two campus officials, the police and the Crimson, with the subject line “bombs placed around campus”. Kim was scheduled to take an exam at 9 a.m. at Emerson Hall, one the buildings he listed as a target in the email. Kim avoided taking his final but may face a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Hamilton Spectator

Russian feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot member Nadezhda TolokonnikovaIs Putin becoming a softie? The Russian government’s human rights record has come under fire lately for being… not the best… but a new amnesty bill may be a step in the right direction. The amnesty bill, which passed unanimously in the State Duma, could allow for members of the Pussy Riot band and the 30 Greenpeace activists arrested for protesting against Arctic oil drilling to be released early. The law, which has been backed by lawmakers in its final draft, helps mark the 20th anniversary of Russia’s constitution. AFP

more snowdenDespite Edward Snowden’s proposed deal to help Brazil investigate NSA spying in exchange for his asylum, Brazil denies any plans to take in the fugitive leaker. Even though the NSA monitored Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s email and cellphone, the Brazilian government says it has no interest in investigating the mass surveillance programs Snowden revealed. Looks like it’s goodbye sunny Rio de Janiero and hello to another cold, dark, snowed-in Moscow winter for Snowden. Reuters

Indian DiplomatIndia is appalled at the U.S. treatment of an Indian diplomat in New York – and if India is appalled, then it must be some pretty bad treatment. The U.S. arrested and detained an Indian consular official in New York on visa fraud charges. The diplomat allegedly falsified visa documents for a maid and then failed to pay her minimum wage. So… is India upset that there’s a minimum wage in the U.S? Perhaps, but they’re also angry that 39-year-old Devyani Khobragade was held in a cell with other females and strip-searched following her arrest – a standard procedure according to U.S. Marshalls. To retaliate for the “degrading” treatment of its diplomat, the Indian government has hit America where it hurts: duty free alcohol. India has instituted a freeze on duty-free alcohol and food imports for U.S. embassy staff.  CNN

Orlando the Guide DogA loyal guide dog attempted to save his owner by jumping onto New York City subway tracks. The dog’s owner, Cecil Williams, 61, fell onto the tracks (not because he was blind, but because he fainted) just as a train was approaching. Orlando the dog began barking frantically and then jumped down to try to pull him out. Unfortunately, he’s a dog so he couldn’t pull a heavy unconscious man out of the subway pit. But fortunately the train passed over top of them and neither was seriously hurt. “The dog saved my life,” Williams said as Orlando sat next to him by his hospital bed. Whatever – Little Reagan the cat would totally jump on the tracks for me… if there was catnip down there. CBC 

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