Bad News for the Kabul Airport Attackers… And Other News

Kabul Airport

Bad news for the Kabul airport attackers: they’re dead. Unless they were on some kind of suicide mission – then I guess it’s good news. Success!

After several hours of fighting, Afghan security forces killed the five insurgents who shelled NATO headquarters at Kabul airport overnight with rockets and gunfire. At least seven gunmen, including two wearing suicide vests, had taken refuge in a five-story building under construction near the Kabul airport, forcing officials to halt flight operations. The Afghan police sprung into action, sealing off the building while U.S Black Hawk helicopters circled overhead. Kabul’s police chief, Gen. Mohammad Ayub Salangi, said his forces managed to kill the assailants before they could inflict casualties or serious damage to the NATO base. And unlike the child beheading incident, the Taliban quickly admitted to this attack. Washington Post

Santa Monica ShootingA fifth victim of the Friday afternoon rampage in Santa Monica died on Sunday from gunshot wounds. The suspect, John Zawahri, began his rampage by killing his father and brother. He then moved on to randoms, firing off a stream of bullets at his former college, killing three others within 13 minutes. The 5th victim, Marcela Franco, 26, was taken off life support on Sunday. Franco had just enrolled in summer classes at the school and was on campus with her father to buy textbooks. Her father, Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, a groundskeeper at the college, was also killed in the rampage. Zawahri was shot and killed by police officers on the scene. CNN

Nelson MandelaFormer President Nelson Mandela of South Africa is in intensive case with a lung infection. Mandela is into the third day of his latest hospitalization for a recurring lung infection and is said to be in “stable, but serious” condition. Mandela, 94, has been hospitalized three other times this year. The ongoing hospital visits combined with his frail appearance have led many to speculate that the end in near for Mandela. However, Mandela’s daughter, Zindzi, said Sunday that her father is a “fighter” and is “well.” Despite contracting tuberculosis during his 27-year imprisonment for fighting apartheid, suffering from chronic lung problems, and battling pneumonia last year, Mandela still has two years on Prince Philip, who just celebrated his 92nd birthday. I guess Mandela is a fighter. New York Times

killer stilettoDeath by shoe: A 44-year-old Texas woman faces murder charges for allegedly stabbing a man to death with a stiletto-heel shoe at the victim’s luxury condominium. Ana Lilia Trujillo stabbed a 59-year-old man, described as her “boyfriend”, multiple times with a stiletto, leaving puncture wounds all over his head. A neighbour at the condo complex had called police around 4 a.m. Sunday saying someone was being assaulted. Houston police say that “upon our arrival, [she] began to refuse to cooperate.” No word yet on whether or not the man had a shoe fetish and if the stiletto had been inserted anally. NBC News

German FloodZee Germans are fleeing: More than 20,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Germany and Hungary on Monday after a dam burst on the River Elbe in Magdeburg this weekend. The swollen Elbe River breached another levee early Monday, forcing the evacuation of 10 villages. Weeks of heavy rain this spring have sent the Elbe, the Danube and other rivers such as the Vltava and the Saale overflowing their banks, causing extensive damage in central and southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. And just when you think “it’s only water, what harm could it do?”, there have been at least 22 flood-related deaths reported. CBC News

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