Hong Kong Billionaire Doubles The Reward To Turn His Lesbian Daughter Straight

Cecil Chao Lesbian Daughter

If at first you don’t succeed, double your offer and hope someone will bang the lesbian out of your daughter.

Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao first made headline in Septmeber 2012 when he publicly announced he would give $65 million to any man who could woo his daughter away from her lesbian partner.

Despite the fact that his daughter, Gigi, had just eloped with her female partner in France, the 76-year-old Hong Kong real estate magnate insisted she was still single and was determined to find her a husband.

“I would not force her to marry a man. But obviously I would, from my point of view, prefer her to be married and to have grandchildren,” Chao said.

Interesting coment from a man who has never married, fathered three children with three different mothers, and has bragged about sleeping with more than 10,000 women…

After the initial reward announcement, the offers came pouring in from millionaire-wannabes all over the world.

“War veterans from the US, someone from Ethiopia, from Istanbul, South America, Portugal, really just from all over the world,” Gigi Chao said, recalling the potential suitors.

But after thousands of potential suitors failed to lure her to the straight side, Cecil Chao has decided to up the stakes by offering approximately $130 million to any man who can sweep his daughter off her feet.

But Gigi Chao has her doubts about the whole process.

“I don’t think my dad’s offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive,” Gigi told the Malaysian newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau.

Challenged accepted?

Via: The Daily Mail

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