Trayvon 2.0: 19-Year-Old Black Girl Shot in the Face by Homeowner Standing His Ground

Renisha McBride Homeowner

Detroit woman Renisha McBride was shot in the face by a nearby homeowner after she sought help after a car accident.

There are still many questions surrounding the incident, which occurred on Nov. 2, but the recently released autopsy confirmed one thing: McBride had been shot in the face, but not at close range.

The teenager had been involved in a collision with a parked car at around 1:30am on a Saturday. Two hours later she wound up on the wrong doorstep. A Dearborn Heights homeowner claimed he thought he was being burgled and “accidentally” discharged his weapon, killing the 19-year-old black woman.

First, what was she doing for two hours in between the car accident and standing on someone’s porch? Her family claims she was disoriented and just looking for help after having just been involved in a car crash nearby. A car crash with a parked car… so disoriented = drunk?

Second, I know Detroit = black and scary, but who accidentally shoots a teenage girl in the face? The 54-year-old homeowner says he is “torn up” by the incident but claimed he feared for his life at the time and racial profiling was definitely NOT involved.

Michigan is one of several US states (including Florida!) with a so-called stand your ground law, which essentially allows the use of deadly force if a person feels their life is in danger. Prosecutors say they’re still reviewing whether or not to charge the homeowner, but Renisha’s family and a string of civil rights protesters have already made up their mind about the case: GUILTY.

Via: BBC News

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