More Blonde Girls Found with Roma Families… And Other News

Blonde Roma

Another one? Little blonde girls travelling with strange Roma families is the latest trend to hit Europe.

Last week, Greek officials removed a four-year-old blonde girl from a Roma camp after it was raided and they realized she was not genetically linked to the people who said they were her parents. This week, Irish police took a blonde girl from a Roma family in Dublin. The gypsy couple insisted the seven-year-old blue-eyed blonde girl was their daughter, but Dublin police were a not satisfied with their explanation or with their documentation. Due to the sketchiness of the situation, the little girl was removed from the family under powers in the Child Care Act. BBC News

DroneNewsflash: Drones are bad. And possibly illegal? Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called out the U.S. for “illegal” drone strikes in separate reports released on Tuesday. Amnesty looked at Pakistani drone strikes and claimed more than 30 civilians were killed between May 2012 and July 2013. Human Rights Watch was more interested in six selected drones strikes in Yemen, finding that 57 of the 82 people killed were civilians. The United Nations already had its fair share of drone-shaming when it released its report last week, finding that as many as 600 of the 2,200 people killed by drovn strikes in Pakistan were civilians. BUT, in the more than 300 Pakistani missile attacks since 2008, dozens of al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders have been killed – so it’s all worth it, right? New York Times

ipad airThis week in new tech products that the Chinese are flocking to malls to get their hands on: Apple has unveiled a lighter iPad called the iPad Air. It’s promises? Thinner. Lighter. Faster. Only 2.5 mm thick and starting at $499 ($629 for cell coverage!), the new iPad Air weighs only 1 pound. And not to be outdone, Nokia had unveiled it’s… phablet? A tablet and phone all in one, the phablet is basically an extra-large phone running on the Windows phone system with an unappealing name. If Microsoft wants to break into the phone business dominated by iOS and Android, they’re going to have to come up with a better name than the phablet. CNN

JObsBlame it on Obama! The U.S. economy added a mere 148,000 jobs in September, slowing down gains made during the summer. The latest jobs report suggested that employers may have held back on hiring before a 16-day partial government shutdown began on October 1. So blame it on Ted Cruz?  Still, the hiring was enough to drop the unemployment rate to 7.2 percent, its lowest level since November 2008. Experts are predicting that October’s numbers will be even lower as a result of the government shutdown and temporary layoffs of federal workers and government contractors. Looks like Obamacare isn’t the biggest job killer around… Associated Press

McCain OldNote to John McCain: YOU’RE OLD! Senator John McCain said on Tuesday that he’s considering a reelection bid for his Senate seat in 2016. “I’m seriously giving that a lot of thought,” McCain told a radio station. And when asked if he would really run again, McCain responded, “That would not be wrong.” Translation: That would be right. McCain is currently 77 and if he were to seek reelection in 2016 he would be 80 years old. But on the bright side, at least this time we don’t have to worry about him dying on us and letting Sarah Palin take over. Politico

Jerky RecallThank Jebus the FDA is back in business! Federal Food and Drug Administration officials are trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious outbreak of illnesses tied to jerky treats made in China. Nearly 600 pets have died since 2007 as a result of eating the Chinese jerky and more than 3,600 have been sickened. Luckily, most of those cases involved dogs of various sizes and breeds – BUT 10 cats have also fallen ill!! Noooooo!!! The ongoing jerky issue has left the FDA stumped and they are now seeking the help of veterinarians and pet owners to try and isolate the cause of the pet illnesses. In the meantime, don’t feed your cats jerky treats – give them to the dog. NBC News

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