Brazil Protests Turn Violent… And Other News

Brazil Protests

Well, this isn’t great publicity for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil…

Brazil’s nationwide protests turned violent on Monday, prompting police in Rio de Janeiro to fire rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators who were burning cars and ravaging buildings. Approximately two hundred thousand Brazilians have taken to the streets to protest government corruption, rising public transportation costs, and the belief that the billions of dollars spent preparing for the World Cup and the Olympics could have been put to better use (i.e. education, healthcare, anything that is not a stadium). Don’t fret Brazil – it could be worse: Over in Russia, the government is being accused of stealing $30 billion while preparing for the Sochi Winter Games. The Guardian

Taliban TalksThis is going to be one awkward conversation… The United States will officially meet with the Taliban for the first time at their office in Qatar as early as next week. Yes, the Taliban have an overseas office. Oh yeah, and Hamid Karzai will send some delegates too – he’s a little busy with taking over Afghan security from NATO right now. The talks between the US and the Taliban will be to discuss each other’s agendas: “We want to get the hell out of your country” – US. “We want to bomb the hell out of your country” – Taliban. One catch though: the direct peace talks are on condition that the Taliban renounce violence, break ties with al-Qaeda and respect the Afghan constitution – including the rights of women and minorities. BBC News

Digging For HoffaDigging for Hoffa! Nearly 40 years after his disappearance, the FBI are still trying to solve the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa. The notorious Teamsters boss went missing in 1975 and remains one of America’s most famous missing persons. A hot tip from a mobster turned informant sent FBI agents on a tame goose chase, digging up holes in a field outside of Detroit. They didn’t find anything but the head of the FBI’s Detroit office insisted that the digging was justified – the informant was “credible”. CNN

Michael Applebaum,After being charged with 14 charges related to corruption, Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum has called it quits. Despite maintaining his innocence Applebaum announced in a brief statement on Tuesday that he would be resigning from his post. “Being mayor of Montreal is not a task one can do while defending themselves against accusations of this nature. This is why I am resigning as mayor of Montreal.” Well, that makes two Montreal mayors in a row to resign amid allegations of corruptions. Maybe that will give Toronto an idea of how to get Rob Ford to resign… CBC News

HowellAnd the award for Mother of the Year goes to…. 25-year-old Jessica Lynn Howell! The Missouri mother has been charged with child abuse and murder after she let her boyfriend rape her 4-month-old infant, resulting in the child’s death. Her 4-month-old daughter Ashlynn Lilith Peters died on December 3rd after she was allegedly sexually assaulted and strangled to death by the mother’s boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince. However, the strangulation didn’t really matter because apparently “the injuries to her anus and rectum of Ashlynn were sufficient to eventually cause her death even without the strangulation.” Evidence from text messages sent between the two reveal that Howell was willing to let him have sex with her daughter even though she knew he was a convicted pedophile. Raw Story

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