BuzzFeed + Republicans = This.

NRCC BuzzFeed Combo

Staffers at the National Republican Congressional Committee have taken a page from BuzzFeed and redesigned their website to try and attract a younger audience.

The committee studied BuzzFeed’s site map and layout, trying to figure out how they too could capture more of the social web’s attention.

“BuzzFeed’s eating everyone’s lunch,” said NRCC spokesman Gerrit Lansing. “They’re making people want to read and be cognizant of politics in a different way.”

The resigned website includes shorter posts, fewer menu items, and a ton of lists. So what did the committee that elects Republicans to the House come up with?

13 Animals That Are Really Bummed on ObamaCare’s Third Birthday, featuring such gems as the sad puppy:

Sad Pup

And the even sadder seal:

Sad Seal

And let’s not forget the depressed polar bear:

Sad Bear

Other suggestions for NRCC-friendly lists include:

  • 8 Rapes that were Actually Legitimate
  • 27 Cats who Hate Immigration Reform
  • The 10 Sexiest Paul Ryan Workout Pictures
  • 12 Reasons Ronald Reagan Saved the World
  • 8 Surprising uses for Guns
  • 42 Compelling Reasons to Impeach Obama
  • 50 Fiscally Responsible Squirrels

The new format, however, appears to be working. In the last three months the site’s visitor numbers were equal to those at the end of the 2012 campaign and each visit brings in about $0.10 to $0.25 in contributions. Maybe cat GIFs really are the path to a Republican victory… 

How does BuzzFeed feel about the NRCC cashing in on their strategy? Not sure, but they did release a new post entitled The 9 Most Embarrassing Republican Youth Outreach Fails.

Sadly, the NRCC website did not make the list, but this cringe-worthy Mitt Romney-black youth clip certainly did:

Via: National Journal 

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