Can Toronto Handle Ford More Years?

Ford More Years

With his new campaign slogan: Ford More Years, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford filed to put his name on the ballot for another run.

It looks like the crack-smoking, p*ssy eating saga will continue for Torontonians after Mayor Rob Ford officially filed his nomination papers to re-run for Mayor in 2014. Ford, who was the first candidate to arrive at City Hall on Thursday, thinks he’s got a pretty good shot, despite his somewhat turbulent behaviour over the last year.

“I’ve got the strongest track record, I’ve been the best mayor this city has ever had,” Ford told reporters shortly after submitting his nomination papers for the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Well, that’s a bold statement. Must be the crack talking. But you never know… Former DC Mayor Marion Barry also got caught in a hotel room smoking crack with a hooker and won re-election in the 1990s with the slogan: He May Not Be Perfect, But He’s Perfect for D.C.

If anything, Ford’s Ford More Years campaign will be interesting to watch – especially since his brother Doug has taken up the position of Campaign Manager. And don’t forget about the debates! Ford has promised to debate anyone anytime, anywhere – including someone’s backyard. And instead of promising change for the future, Ford has suggested that he won’t do anything differently.

“I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing, watching every dime that’s being spent,” he said.

So now Torontonians have ten months to decide if they want to disband the Ford Nation or see Ford More Years of international ridicule. Or the Toronto police can decide for them and charge the Mayor Ford with a crack-related crime…

Via: CBC News

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