Canadian Train Explosion Possibly Caused by Stephen Harper… And Other News

Train Explosion

Canada makes front page news about something other than a crackhead mayor! And all it took was a massive train explosion.

An estimated 40 people are missing after a runaway crude oil train blew up in a Quebec town, killing five. The crash set off massive explosions when the train’s haul of crude oil ignited, destroying the downtown area of Lac-Megantic, Quebec, on Saturday. At least 30 buildings were incinerated by the fireball and 2,000 people had to be evacuated. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the place looked like “a warzone” as he toured the area on Sunday and sent out his thoughts and prayers to the families affected. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair went in a slightly different direction and claimed that Stephen Harper’s cost cutting policies allowed such a “tragic” accident to unfold. Now’s not the time for partisan politics Mulcair… Wait, did Stephen Harper also cause the Calgary floods?? CNN

Running of the IdiotsSunday marked the first day of Pamplona’s annual 9 day fiesta – the Running of the Bulls. Several thousand of participants with death wishes ran alongside eight fighting bulls in the northern Spanish city. The good news is no one was gored by bull horns this year – yay! The bad news is four people were hospitalized for minor injuries and “bruising”. Bulls have killed 15 people since record-keeping began in 1924, so this year is off to a good start. Quick update: injury count is up to 6 now. CBC News

Soccer MobSoccer is no laughing matter in Brazil. At an amateur soccer game last weekend in a small city in northern Brazil, a player refused to leave the field after the referee sent him off. The referee erupted in rage and allegedly stabbed the soccer player, killing him in the middle of the field. Then, the crowed erupted in rage and an angry mob stormed the field, stoned the referee to death and cut off his head. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their head. And you thought soccer moms were bad. Toronto Sun

Morsi SUpportersThis isn’t going as well as one might have hoped… After taking over in a “non-coup” military coup, the Egyptian army now appears to be on some kind of killing spree. Egyptian soldiers fired on hundreds of supporters early Monday in Cairo. At least 51 Morsi supporters were killed early and an estimated 300 injured, as they were praying outside the facility where the ousted-president was believed to be detained. The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an uprising in response to the attack and the army is blaming a “terrorist group” for the shooting and claimed their soldiers only opened fire after being provoked. Where’s the national reconciliation Egyptians were promised? New York Times

AbbottabadOsama bin Laden: The E! True Hollywood Story. Recently leaked documents have shed some light on Osama bin Laden’s life on the run in the Abbottabad compound where he spent the last years of his life. The report desrbies how bin Laden’s identity was kept super secret and even the families his assistants didn’t realize who they were living with until years later, when one of them saw his picture on television. Bin Laden’s guide to being secretive: installing multiple utility meters so utilities wouldn’t notice unusual activity, never ever leaving the compound, waiting for an earthquake to build an additional floor under the guise of repairs, and wearing a cowboy hat whenever he moved about the house. Was he hoping Americans would mistake him for George Bush? Al Jazeera

NYC SubwayUrinating on the subway isn’t just gross – it’s deadly. Matthew Zeno, 30, was out drinking with a friend when he decided to take a leak on the tracks for the southbound G train around 3:10 a.m. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Big mistake – while walking on the tracks, the drunken man was electrocuted and killed when he stopped to pee on the third rail. Note: third rails and third legs don’t mix. His 26-year-old pal tried saving him but was also shocked. The friend survived and was listed in stable condition. This news was brought to you by Charles Darwin. New York Post

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