Cat Caught Smuggling Goods into Russian Prison

Cat Caught Smuggling

Cats should be snuggling, not smuggling! But apparently cats are the new drug mules, or in this case, cell phone mules.

A Russian prison caught a cat being used as a courier, smuggling banned cell phones and chargers into a prison camp in the country’s remote far north. The black and white cat was detained Friday evening as it climbed the fence of the region’s Number One corrective labour camp with two cell phones, batteries and chargers strapped to its back using tape.

“They have foiled various attempts to smuggle banned objects into Prison Colony Number One before, but in the case of the cat, the prison colony is at a loss: nothing like this has happened in the prison’s history,” the regional prison service said.

Apparently cat smugglers are becoming a “new thing”. Earlier this year, another cat (or was it the SAME CAT!?!?!) was caught smuggling goods into a prison in northeastern Brazil. Wrapped around the cat’s torso were two small saws, two drills for concrete, a headset, a cell phone, a cell phone charger and three batteries. The cat, it appeared, belonged to the inmates and traveled between the prison and the homes of the inmates’ families, who live in the area.

But which specific inmate the cat belonged to was undetermined because, as the prison spokesperson cleverly noted, “It will be hard to figure out who is responsible, as the cat does not talk.” Indeed.

Via: France 24 


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