China Censors Big Yellow Ducks

Big Yellow Ducks Banned

Forecast today for China: Cloudy with a 80% chance of censorship and a 20% chance of Big Yellow Ducks.

Chinese censors have banned the phrases “today,” tonight,” “June 4,” and “big yellow ducks” on China’s popular social-media site Weibo (aka Chinese Twitter). If citizens try to search these words a message shows up that says: “According to relevant laws, statutes and policies,” the results of the search “cannot be shown.”

The Global Times, a newspaper belonging to the Communist Party flagship People’s Daily, defended the country’s internet censorship saying that in China, “people already understand that free speech can not go against social order” and “Internet regulation is not only an embodiment of the government’s will, but is also laid on the foundation of the public interest.”

June 4th marks the 24th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre so it makes sense that June 4 is blocked. And tonight a large demonstration is planned in Hong Kong in memory of the dead so that’s legit censorship too. But the big yellow ducks? Well, apparently the iconic 1989 image of a Chinese man blocking a line of tanks in the street is also banned in China so Weibo users replaced the tanks with the Big Yellow Duck that recently visited Hong Kong. The result? A very cute duck picture which was quickly removed by censors – but not before stealing everyone’s hearts!

Lego TiananmenA similar effort was created on China’s Netease website by re-creating the image using Legos.

Good effort, but nothing beats those big yellow ducks! Except for the Chinese government who will literally beat those ducks into submission later tonight…

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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