Chopper’s B*tch Slices Off Her Tattoo And Sends Her Ex The Skin… And Other News

Chopper's Bitch Chops Off Tattoo

And now for a heartwarming Valentine’s story: When 26-year-old Torz Reynolds found out her boyfriend of two years, Chopper, had been cheating on her, she did what any scorned woman would do – sliced off the tattoo of his name and sent him the skin in the mail.

Reynolds was so heartbroken when she discovered Chopper with another girl, she took a scalpel and spent 30 minutes slicing the skin around her “Chopper’s B*tch” arm tattoo and using tweezers to pull off the severed skin. Ugh… I think I just threw up… Reynolds then wrapped up her skin in ribbons (why not?) and mailed it to her former lover. Reynolds even tracked Chopper’s package online so she knew that he’d received it. “I packaged it up so it really did look like a present. I even used different handwriting so he’d have no idea that it was me. I can’t imagine what his reaction was. I wish I could have been there to see it,” Reynolds said. Ahh a modern day Romeo & Juliet. Happy Valentine’s Day! Daily Mail

Belgium Child DeathThe Belgians are now OK with child euthanasia. Lawmakers in Belgium voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to extend the country’s euthanasia law to children under 18. The new law allows anyone under the age of 18 to pursue euthanasia, provided they are personally able to say they want to die, and that they completely comprehend their choice – because if there’s one thing children have down pat, it’s making informed decisions. But as a backup plan, their parents have to agree and a psychiatrist or psychologist must assess their mental state. Belgium is no stranger to assisted suicide – it’s been legal since 2002 – but now long-suffering terminally ill kids can get in on the action. CBC News

Denmark Ritual SlaughterGiraffe slaughter good, Kosher slaughter bad. Denmark is down with killing off healthy giraffes but draws the line at Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter. Starting on Monday, ritual slaughter will be banned in Denmark. The act, already prohibited in Poland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, is considered harmful to animals because they are not stunned before they are killed. Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jørgensen said “animal rights come before religion.” The country’s 6,000 Jews typically import their kosher meat anyway, but Denmark’s Muslim population may have to find an alterative to halal meat. JPost

Mount KeludYou know that game you played as a child where the floor was lava and if you stepped in it you would die? Well, Indonesians are playing that game for real after a volcanic eruption spewed ash and sand all over the heavily populated Indonesian island of Java. Tens of thousands of Indonesians fled their homes after Mount Kelud – one of only 130 active volcanoes in the world – erupted on Thursday. Ash spread for over 300 miles, creating flight delays, mass evacuations, and two deaths. BBC News

Ritual DeathProtip: “the devil made me do it” is not the best defense in a murder case. Two teenagers have been charged in the brutal killing of a 15-year-old girl in what appears to have been some kind of “satanic ritual”. 15-year-old Corriann Cervantes was found Saturday mutilated and with a cross carved into her stomach. Cervantes was “partially clothed, had severe head trauma, and appeared to have been sexually assaulted.” Houston police are describing the killing as “occult activity” and revealed that the teenagers allegedly murdered the young girl so that one of the boys could “sell his soul to the devil.” Well, I guess killing a girl with an ashtray and the lid of a toilet tank, stabbing her in the face with a screwdriver, and sexually assaulting her with a rod from window blinds is a pretty good way to ensure you’re going to hell. HuffPo

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