Chris Christie Still Has a Hard-On for Obama

Chris Christie and Obama

Everyone knows that it’s anti-Republican AND anti-American to make any kind of bipartisan comment, but Chris Christie doesn’t care – he tells it like it is!

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show on the 6-month anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continued his love affair with Obama, saying the President “has kept every promise he’s made”.

Chris Christie shrugged off criticism from Republicans who proclaimed him a traitor for praising Obama’s handling of the hurricane back in election season 2012. Christie was a fan of Obama’s hurricane style back then, and six months later, nothing has changed.

“The president has kept every promise that he made,” Christie insisted. “And that fact is, that’s what I was saying at the time. What I was saying at the time, I was asked about how was the president doing? And I said, he’s doing a good job, he’s kept his word.”

“Since that time, I have to say, everything that they promised they would do, they’ve done. And so, I don’t have any complaints or arguments with them this morning on the issue of Sandy relief.”

But Christie didn’t want to totally alienate the Republican base so he made sure to add:

“And so, everybody knows I have about 95 percent level of disagreement with Barack Obama on issues of principle and philosophy, but the fact is we have a job to do. And what people expect from people they elect is to do their job.”

Chris Christie is currently hiding out on the Jersey Shore, trying to avoid the Tea Party lynch mob who are undoubtedly after him. His best bet to avoid detection? Disguise himself as a beached whale – it will take the least amount of effort and it worked really well for Kim Kardashian.

Whale Disguise

Via: ABC News

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