Chris Christie Throws Staff Members Under the Bus… And Other News

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie threw his staff members under the bus when addressing the press over Bridgegate. Luckily, the bus wasn’t moving because it was sitting in heavy traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

At the press conference, Chris Christie announced he had fired deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly for her role in closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge back in September to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee New Jersey – who did not endorse Christie in the election. The governor claims Kelly lied to him about her involvement and called his staff was “stupid” and “deceitful.” Chris Christie maintains that he had “no knowledge or involvement in this issue” and will personally apologize to the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey in a trip there later today – traffic permitting. USA Today

France Controversial ComicThere’s nothing funny about anti-Semitism – or at least according to France’s highest court. France’s top court has reinstated a ban on French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala. The city of Nantes had originally banned the comic’s performance, but a Nantes court overturned that ban earlier Thursday. Then hours after the court said he could go ahead with his show, the comic, who has seven convictions for anti-Semitic hate speech, was told he was banned from performing. Dieudonne denies his act is anti-semitic but media reports claim the show contains a string of derogatory references to Jews including the word “Shoananas,” a mash-up of the Hebrew word for Holocaust and the French word for pineapple. So I guess there’s a pineapple holocaust joke somewhere in there? BBC News

Vermont HeroinDoes Vermont have a heroin problem or are they just addicted to maple candy? Possibly both. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State Message talking about the “full-blown heroin crisis” facing the great state of Vermont. “In every corner of our state, heroin and opiate drug addiction threatens us,” he said. He went on to inform the audience that treatment from opiate addictions in the state has increased 770 percent since 2000 and almost twice as many people died from heroin overdoses in 2013 than in 2012. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most uplifting speech. New York Times

AfghanistanIn a big f”ck you to the United States, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai ordered the release of dozens of prisoners accused of killing American soldiers. The United States is strongly opposed to their release because they still consider the prisoners threat, but Afghanistan says they don’t have enough evidence to try them. But American troops don’t have to worry too much about these prisoners covered in American blood running around – with Karzai refusing to sign a security deal with the US, they should be out of there by the end of 2014. New York Times

castro_2469933bNews flash: Fidel Castro is not dead. The Cuban leader made a rare public appearance – his first in 9 months. What finally got him out of the house? The opening of an art studio in Havana. Cuban and foreign news outlets published photographs showing a hunched over Castro, 87, using a walking stick as he chatted up Cuban artist Alexis Leyva. No sign of his brother Raul, who took over in 2006 after Fidel fell dangerously ill. Huffington Post

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