Clay Aiken for Congress? Not On My Watch

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken, best known for not being America’s Idol, is “actively considering” running for Congress.

The runner-up in the second season of American Idol is considering a challenge to Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) in North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district. Secret sources claim Aiken has contacted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to gauge their interest in his potential run and has been making some calls to assess support in the district.

But Ellmers, who narrowly won the North Carolina seat from a Democrat in the 2010 midterms, is currently favored to win no matter who the Democratic candidate is. But it is considered a potentially “winnable seat” because it was held by Democrats prior to 2010.

So how will Clay Aiken win over North Carolina? By touting gay marriage of course!

The 35-year-old singer, who surprised no one by coming out of the closet in September 2008, is an advocate for LGBT issues. In 2012, he appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to talk about North Carolina’s Amendment One, which defined marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman.

“The polls in North Carolina show that over 60 percent of North Carolinians actually support some recognition for same-sex couples, be it civil unions or domestic partnerships,” Aiken said. “As North Carolinians see what it’s done, and what it will do, I think they will support the fact that President Obama did speak out on principle… I think we’d like to see politicians speak out on principle a little bit more.”

LGBT issues aside, Aiken’s time on American Idol will undoubtedly come in useful during the congressional race. He’s dealt with his fair share of blunt criticism (Simon…) and he’s used to coming in second place.

Via: The Huffington Post

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