Current Event Cat of the Day: The Anti-Suicide Bomber

Current Event Cat - Suicide Bomber

A 15-year-old Pakistani boy is being hailed a hero after he tackled a suicide bomber – blowing himself up but saving his school.

On Monday, ninth grader Aitzaz Hasan and his friends spotted a very suspicious looking man wearing a suicide vest hanging around outside of their school in Ibrahimzai, a Shia-dominated region of Hangu, in north-western Pakistan. Aitzaz and his cousin, Musadiq Ali Bangash, became increasingly suspicious of the stranger, who was attempting to pass himself off as a student by wearing a school uniform over his suicide vest.

Despite warnings from the others students to ignore him, Aitzaz confronted the stranger, hoping to stop him from blowing up the school. The confrontation led to a scuffle, which led to the suicide bomber panicking, which then led to the pre-mature detonation of the bomb.

Both Aitzaz and the bomber died at the scene. Although the blast injured two people, the school’s nearly 2,000 students were spared.

My cousin sacrificed his life saving his school and hundreds of students and school fellows,” his cousin Mudassar Hassan Bangish said.

“The suicide bomber wanted to destroy the school and school students. It was my cousin who stopped him from this…destruction.”

Aitzaz’s family is devasted by the news but are also proud of Aitzaz’s actions.

“My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children,” Mujahid Ali, Aitzaz’s father told reporters.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis everywhere are urging the government to give Aitzaz some kind of award to recognize his bravery. Move over Malala – there’s a new Pakistani teenage hero!

Via: BBC News

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