Current Event Cat of the Day: Canada’s Prostitution Laws

Current Event Cat - Prostitution Laws

Hookers are screaming Hallelujah after the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the nation’s prostitution related laws in a unanimous 9-0 ruling Friday.

Looks like the Supreme Court had a not-so-sudden change of heart. 34 years after upholding the very same prostitution laws, they finally agreed that hookers aren’t so bad after all. More specifically, the court decided that the laws, which criminalize operating brothels, street soliciting, and living on the profits of prostitution, create dangerous working environments for sex workers and violate Canada’s charter guaranteeing life, liberty and personal security.

It is not a crime in Canada to sell sex for money,” Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote in Friday’s decision.

“The prohibitions at issue do not merely impose conditions on how prostitutes operate.

“They go a critical step further, by imposing dangerous conditions on prostitution; they prevent people engaged in a risky – but legal – activity from taking steps to protect themselves from the risks.”

But wait – don’t go whoring yourself out just yet. The Canadian parliament has 12 months to rewrite the prostitution legislation and in the meantime the anti-prostitution laws will continue to be enforced.

Via: CBC News

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