Current Event Cat of the Day: Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan

Current EVent Cat - Ali Zeidan Hostage

Some hostages are taken for years, others for mere hours. Luckily for Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, he fell into the latter category.

Ali Zeidan was adducted yesterday from a Tripoli hotel room by armed gunmen. The motive of the abduction is unclear but it could be some sort of apparently retaliation for the recent American raid that seized a Libyan al Qaeda suspect over the weekend. The Libyan government initially denied they knew about the US plan but the US said they totally knew about it and had given them permission. Needless to say, the militia groups were not a fan on the raid, calling it a breach of Libyan sovereignty

Anyways, Ali Zeidan was held hostage for several hours by the armed men before he was rescued in a dawn raid on his hotel. Not much is known about the rescue, but apparently Libyan government forces were involved and the kidnappers did not hand Zeidan over peacefully.

The Libyan PM seemed in good health but was a little shaken up over the incident. He thanked those who had helped free him and dismissed kidnappings as “accidental things from the revolution’s overflow and they will disappear.”

Zeidan also urged the abductors to “assimilate into the state, and play an active role in it through its civilian and military institutions”.

Sounds a little too pragmatic for a politician. Maybe they switched him with a lookalike!?

Via: BBC News

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