Current Event Cat of the Day: First Batch of Chemical Weapons

Current EVent Cat - Syria First Batch Chemical

Syria is one step closer to being chemical weapon-free, but many many steps away from ending their two year civil war.

The first batch of chemical weapons materials bid farewell to Syria on Tuesday in the first step of a UN-backed deal to eliminate Syria’s chemical stockpile. And how many ships does it take to get rid of the first round of chemical weapons? Three! One Danish ship to hold the dangerous chemicals and two Russian and Chinese warships to guard the Danish ship.

Syria’s chemical cargo left the country at the port of Latakia and is currently en route to Italy, where it will be transferred onto a U.S. Navy ship and sent out to international waters to die / be destroyed in a specially created titanium tank on board the ship.

The U.N. backed deal was brokered by the U.S. and Russia after hundreds of Syrians were killed with nerve gas in the suburbs of Damascus back in August. President Bashar al-Assad is still pointing blame at the rebels for the chemical attack, but most believe it was his government that carried out the assault.

But despite arguments over who the guilty party is, the chemical weapons are slowly being escorted out of the country with the hope that Syria will be chemical-free by June. Now Syrians can worry less about getting killed by rockets filled with the nerve agent sarin and worry more about getting killed by regular gunfire and missiles.

Via: BBC News & Current Event Cats

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