Current Event Cat of the Day: Chemical Weapons Surrender

Current Event Cat - Syria War on Hold Chemical Weapons

Diplomacy has won out… for now. In lieu of Syria’s recent agreement to give up its chemical weapons stockpile, President Obama has asked Congress to postpone its vote on Syria.

The president announced the decision to hold off on Syria in a national address, but still emphazised that in the absence of a peaceful diplomatic solution, military strikes are still on the table. After all, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did cross the red line when he used chemical weapons against his own people.

Basically Obama just needs some time to assess the credibility of a Russian-led proposal to exchange the chemical weapons for a hall pass from US military strikes. I.e. can we trust Putin? And more importantly, can we trust Assad? (probably not). Obama said he will work with France, Britain, China and Russia on a United Nations resolution requiring Assad to follow through on his promise.

“The Russian government has indicated a willingness to join with the international community in pushing Assad to give up his chemical weapons,” Obama said. “The Assad regime has now admitted that it has these weapons and even said they’d join the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits their use.”

Obama also acknowledged in his 15-minute national address, that he knows Americans aren’t itching to go to war again and reassured them that he has “a deeply held preference for peaceful solutions.”

“I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria,” he said. “I will not pursue an open-ended war like Iraq or Afghanistan. I will not pursue a prolonged air campaign like Libya or Kosovo. This would be a targeted strike to achieve a clear objective, deterring the use of chemical weapons and degrading Assad’s capabilities.”

Now we just have to wait and see if the diplomatic dream team (Putin & Assad) can pull this off!

Via: CBC News & Current Event Cats

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