Current Event Cat of the Day: Chicken Plant

Current Event Cat - China Chicken Plant

Fire at the chicken plant! A Monday morning fire broke out at a Chinese slaughterhouse in Dehui in Jilin province, killing 119 people.

More workers are unaccounted for in the chicken plant debris but no one really bothered to count how many. More than 300 workers were in the poultry plant at the time and about 100 managed to escape. Unfortunately for the workers, the narrow exits and locked gates did not work in their favour. The “complicated interior structure” of the building also made the rescue work more difficult.

Blocked emergency exits caused panic and chaos, prompting everyone to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Workers recounted how the lights went out, the building filled with smoke and many were knocked to the ground as everyone tried to escape. A random survivor said: “I escaped by climbing out of a window. There was a huge cloud of black smoke coming down the corridor. It was burning hot. It engulfed me. As soon as I was outside I collapsed unconscious.”

Workplace safety standards aren’t the greatest in China. On a scale of 1 to Bangladesh, they’re probably closer to Bangladesh. And people are starting to get angry about it! China’s social-media website Weibo was filled with angry comments about the chicken plant fire including:

“Was this place ever regularly inspected by fire safety authorities?”

“The province should lower national flags. Relevant bosses should be sacked.”

And the most pressing question:

“Why was the gate locked from outside?”

Via: Current Event Cats & Reuters

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