Current Event Cat of the Day: Chuck Hagel Says Get Back to Work!

Current EVent Cat - Chuck Hagel

It’s back to business for the Pentagon! Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel ordered most of the Department of Defense’s 400,000 civilian employees back to work.

If Chuck Hagel has to work, everybody has to work! Or at least 350,000 of the 400,000 US defense department employees who were sent home amid the government shutdown. Hagel said his decision was based on an interpretation of the Pay Our Military Act. The act, which was passed on Tuesday, ensures that members of the military will continue to be paid on time as they work throughout the shutdown. Chuck Hagel took one took at the Act and said that applies to the Pentagon too. Everybody back to work on Monday!

The Pentagon employees made up nearly half of the 800,000 government employees furloughed since the shutdown last Tuesday – which kind of takes some of the urgency away from negotiating a deal on the federal budget…

Meanwhile, both sides of the House have unanimously approved a bill ordering back pay for those 800,000 furloughed government employees. And you know what that means…. paid vacation!! I bet those Pentagon workers are cursing Chuck Hagel for sending them back to the office. They could have been sitting back living the life of a Republican Congressman (i.e. being paid to do nothing).

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see a rare moment of bipartisanship, where Republicans and Democrats come together for the good of the American people (and the good of their reelection chances). Now all we need is a dickish quip from Republican Speaker John Boehner to ruin the moment.

“It’s encouraging to see both parties come together to provide fairness for the 800,000 federal workers hurt by this shutdown,” Speaker Boehner said. “Now we should do something about the 800,000 jobs being destroyed by the president’s health care law.”

That’ll do.

Via: NBC News & Current Event Cats

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