Current Event Cat of the Day: Operation Salvage Costa Concordia

Current Event Cat - Costa Concordia

What do you get when you roll a giant cruise liner upright after it has been rusting in the sea for 20 months? Answer: a really boring live news feed of the Costa Concordia and a bill for $800 million.

The operation to salvage the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy began Monday morning after a three-hour delay due to storms. The costly, painstaking and potentially hazardous operation has been successful so far after engineers managed to lift the wrecked cruise ship from the rocks. Although the ship has been detached from rocks and moved on to a platform constructed on the sea bed, operation Salvage Costa Concordia is far from over. Efforts to get the massive ship upright are expected to take alllll day (hence the slow pace of the live news streams…)

The Costa Concordia crashed into some rocks in January 2012 as passengers were sitting down to dinner, killing 32 and stranding 4,200 on board. No sign of the two bodies that were never accounted for.

Unlike the captain of the Titanic, the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, did not go down with the ship. Instead he’s currently on trial accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. Lesson: Always go down with the ship! And try not to steer the ship into a rocky shoreline…

But there is some good news to the whole salvage operation. The residents of the small island of Giglio are excited to get rid of the eyesore which has apparently been putting a dent in the island’s tourism.

Giglio mayor Sergio Ortelli said that the removal of the ship would bring an end to “a huge problem that we have in our port and that we want to solve as soon as we can”.

“Islanders can’t wait to see the back of it,” he said.

And if they’re lucky, the Costa Concordia will leave behind a wonderful parting gift: chemicals, lubricants and diesel that could leak into the pristine waters of Giglio.

Via: The New York Times & Current Event Cats

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