Current Event Cat of the Day: Aaron Alexis

Current Event Cat - NAval Yard Rampage Aaron Alexis

The Washington D.C Navy Yard shooting rampage ended yesterday with the death of the gunman, Aaron Alexis.

While information about the killer was scarce amid the chaos yesterday, things are now getting pieced together. Aaron Alexis, who ended up killing 13 people and wounding at least eight on Monday, was in the Navy Reserves but was discharged from in January 2011 for a “pattern of misconduct.”

After that, Aaron Alexis, 34, worked for a military subcontractor and he was employed as a technical contractor at the Washington Navy Yard, which allowed him access to the building.

Alexis had a less than stellar police record: he had been arrested twice, once in 2004 for shooting at the tires of a neighbor’s car in Seattle and again in 2010 for firing a bullet into his Ft. Worth apartment. According to a 2004 Seattle police report, a family member said he had “anger management problems.” No kidding.

The gunman was also no stranger to mental health problems. He was treated for paranoia, trouble sleeping and hearing voices.

No motive is known for the attack. Disgruntled employee? Crazy in the head? Boredom? Investigators are working on piecing together a plausible motive…

The victims ranged in age from 46 to 73, and details about their identities and lives have just begun to trickle out. Authorities said they are still contacting some of the victims’ families.

Via: The New York Times & Current Event Cats

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