Current Event Cat of the Day: Beauty Pageant Ban

Current Event Cat - Kitty Boo Boo Beauty Pageant Ban

The French Senate has voted to ban child beauty pageants on the grounds that they promote the “hyper-sexualisation” of kids.

The Senate approved the beauty pageant ban 197-146 overnight on Tuesday, as part of the new “equality bill” which focuses on women’s rights. The legislation must still go to the lower house of parliament for further debate plus another vote but the French seem pretty dead set on sparing their people from the French version of Honey Boo Boo (Miel Boo Boo?).


The measure was introduced as part of an effort to protect children (primarily young girls) from being prematurely forced into roles of seduction that may harm their development.

“The foundations of equal rights are threatened by the hyper-sexualization that touches children … between 6 and 12 years old,” said conservative lawmaker (and former Sports Minister) Chantal Jouanno, who authored the amendment.

“At this age, you need to concentrate on acquiring knowledge. Yet with mini-Miss competitions and other demonstrations, we are fixing the projectors on their physical appearance. I have a hard time seeing how these competitions are in the greater interest of the child.”

Under the new law, judging children under the age of 16 on their physical appearance in “beauty contests” would be a criminal offence in France, and organizers may face up to two years in prison and have to pay a hefty fine ($40,000) if they fail to comply with the beauty pageant ban.

But what about in America, the home of Toddlers & Tiaras, where creepy 5 year-olds dressed as prostitutes are plastered all over TLC?? Well, I don’t think America would ever go for an outright ban (Freeeeedom!!!) but maybe if a nice young Indian girl won they would shut the whole thing down…. (9/11!!!!)

Via: The Huffington Post & Current Event Cats

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